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Thunderbird Address Book Converter – Product Review

Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook both are popular email clients of their respective categories. Many a time, users switch from Thunderbird to Outlook and at the same time, they face the requirement to export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook. We have seen numerous people asking about the process of this address book migration. This post has been designed to answer this much-asked query.

When it comes to moving contacts from Thunderbird contacts into Microsoft Outlook, users need to be mindful about the files formats of these email clients. Mozilla Thunderbird saves its contacts in MAB file while Outlook Address Book data is stored in PST file. So, in order to export contacts, we have to convert the file formats.

Thunderbird offers native options to export its contacts in different file formats, but it does not provide an option to convert the address book in PST. Also, if users are looking for selective contact migration, it is not possible manually. Therefore, we are going to review a software that has all the functionality that the manual method lacks. MAB Converter is such a tool that enables users to convert their Thunderbird address list in Outlook compatible PST file format.

MAB Converter: Smart Tool to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

MAB Converter is an application developed by SysTools. This application has been in the market for quite some time and already won the hearts of thousands of users. This program is a Windows-based tool that functions smoothly on all Windows OS versions, including the latest Windows 10. Now. let us tell you what are the major features of this software:

  • Convert All MAB Files: Thunderbird creates three types of MAB file: abook.mab, history.mab, and impab.mab. This address book converter software can export any of these Mozilla Address Book files into PST format.
  • Produce UNICODE PST File: While converting the Thunderbird Address Book, the software creates Unicode type PST file. This PST file is compatible with all available versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Export Without Outlook: This self-sufficient tool does not need Outlook installation for MAB file conversion. It means that users can convert MAB to PST on any Windows system with or without Outlook.
  • Bulk MAB File Export: If users want, they can add multiple MAB files to this Address Book Converter. Any number of Thunderbird contact files can be processed at the same time with the help of this program.
  • Preview MAB Data: After the MAB files are added to this tool, users will be able to preview the contact data in it. The utility will preview all the major information like name address, organization, email, contacts number, etc.
  • No File Size Limit: There is no file size limit in this Thunderbird Contact Converter. Users can add MAB file in this software regardless of its size.
  • Convert in CSV and vCard: Thunderbird Address Book Converter also facilitates the migration into CSV and vCard file formats. Both are quite common contact file formats and can be imported in all major email clients and smartphones.
  • Final Migration Report: After the file export, the application generates a complete migration report. Users can also save this file in CSV format for future reference.

How to Convert MAB to PST With Thunderbird Address Book Converter

The software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to run. User will need to follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Download and start the software on your computer.

Step 2: Click on Add File and then choose the MAB files.

Step 3: All the contacts will appear on screen for preview purpose.

Step 4: Select the folder or individual contacts that you wish to convert.

Step 5: Right-click on the selected contacts and then choose Export.

Step 6: Choose PST as the target file for exporting the MAB file.

Step 7: Select the destination folder for saving the converted file.

Step 8: Click on Export to complete MAB to PST conversion.

Is SysTools MAB Converter Safe?

While using any software, people are mostly worried about malware and spyware infection from the tools. In the case of this application, there is no such risk. Mozilla Address Book Converter is free from all virus, malware, and virus; so your computer remains fully protected against such infections. Also, there is no chance of data loss or data corruption while you use Thunderbird to Outlook Contact Converter.

How to Avail Thunderbird Address Book Converter?

The demo version of this tool can be downloaded for free from the official website. Though this version has got some limitations of its own, it is sufficient to test the efficiency of this product. After checking the demo version, users can purchase the full license.


Based on our practical experience of using this MAB Converter application, we can say that this tool can be operated by any type of users. It has been developed using the most advanced technology so that the procedure to export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook is smooth and trouble-free. We would like to rate Thunderbird Address Book Converter 9 out of 10 stars.

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