Stellar Toolkit for File Repair: All-in-One File Repair Toolkit

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

I had a meeting scheduled last week, for which I have spent hours working on compiling my company’s critical data in spreadsheets and preparing sales presentations. Just a few minutes before wrapping up my work, my system suddenly shut down. Without wasting a moment, I restarted my PC, but was worried when I couldn’t find any of my Office files.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the backup to restore the files.

I was reluctant to call an expert to help me resolve the issue, as the lost Office files had company’s sensitive information. So, I started googling on how I can access lost Office files, when I came across Stellar Toolkit for File Repair mentioned in a forum. After reading through a few reviews on the software functionality for fixing corrupt Office documents, I decided to give it a try.

I downloaded the free trial of the software. When I opened it, the main interface displayed four icons for repairing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Zip files.

Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

Figure 1- Illustrates Main Interface of Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

I selected the ‘Repair Excel File’ option to recover my lost Excel files and was prompted to select corrupt Excel file. For those, who are unaware of the location of the file, the ‘Search File(s)’ helps in locating it.

Once the file was selected, I clicked on Scan and the software initiated the scanning process

scanning process

Once the scanning was complete, software showed a preview of the newly scanned file containing all the major components of my excel file, including tables, charts, images, etc.


Immediately, after previewing my recovered Excel file and its components, from the main interface I selected the ‘Repair PowerPoint’ option. The steps were similar to repairing Excel file, which made the task easier. The best thing about the software is that it helped me repair multiple PowerPoint files simultaneously, all it needed was to use ‘Select Folder’ or ‘Find File(s)’ option to make the application begin searching for the lost PPTs in the specified folder or drive. After a few minutes, a dialog box popped-up with all the recovered files found in the selected drive/folder. I ticked the checkboxes for the PowerPoint files I had to recover and clicked on Scan.

Once the scan process ended, I was able to preview my lost PowerPoint slides containing all the major PowerPoint objects like tables, header and footer, hyperlinks, etc.

My overall experience

The trial version of Stellar Toolkit for File Repair allowed me to scan, preview and recover all of my lost Excel and PowerPoint files. So, I decided to buy the licensed version of the software to save the recovered files, and am glad to have made such a decision. Not only I was able to get back my lost excel spreadsheets and PPTs, but also the file structure and content was intact.

I would recommend Stellar Toolkit for File Repair to any user who is in need of a DIY solution to perform recovery of Microsoft Office files. The software’s simple to use GUI makes the recovery process a hassle-free experience for anybody.

You can find detailed instructions with illustrations to install the Stellar Toolkit for File Repair software by clicking on this link.

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