4 Trend Setting Technologies That Are Influencing HR Software In 2019

Since the initial stage of an organization its always been struggling with the efficient management of the employee resources. There has been a very long journey from a manual approach to the digitization of HR activities through which we are standing at the place where it has made us perfectly analyze the performance of the employees. This software is quite bluntly crafted to meet the needs of a human resource team which provides them an ability to mine the data regarding various variables which gives an idea regarding the formulation of policies and providing necessary actions to increase the employee’s productivity. It also helps the organization to see its current states and have a glance at the past performance and situation to analyze the level of success it has achieved so far. The HR Software not only helps the company to manage its employees but it also contributes a lot in making future strategies which will determine how efficiently it will be able to conquer the new potential horizons. These HR Software are quite a lot efficient when it comes to advancement as they are equipped with modern technologies which offer great accessibility. Technologies like the evolution of mobile devices, the involvement of BIG DATA analytics, GPS tracking and Cloud-Based SaaS software have revolutionized the field of HR management. These technologies are tooled to get the most out of your employees and growth hack your company’s performance to achieve a profitable state where you can have a large chunk of your profit into research and development unit. This will enhance the wingspan of your company to get it in the international market and defend against the competition. Get a brief knowledge regarding the following technologies to make sure the solution which you have implemented is incorporated with it.

BIG DATA’s revolution in HR

Every organization is concerned regarding their impression which they need to maintain for market reputation. Any company which is indulged in wrong practices is considered to be unreliable when doing business with. The Big Data concept will allow the company to understand the market completely and take a decision regarding their business audience, clients and analysis. Big Data contributes a lot in integration with the other modules and have a deep insight within the analytics to make decisions which will have a positive effect on the organization. This also keeps the managerial personnel updated with the market trends and implement policies accordingly to prevent any kind of penalty ditch due to the breaching of a certain law formed by the governing organization. The Big Data will be formulating the suggestion according to all your office location worldwide.

Mobile Devices Integration

2019 have created a 4.68 billion mobile users which will be 4.78 till the end of 2020, isn’t it surprising that the world is getting dominated by these little slim things which are the portal for every human being to get themselves connected to the world. The mobile devices can be used for the organizational development to endeavor the employees with a better mobility device. HR Software is featuring the mobile-enabled application which helps the management to interact better with the employees. These mobile devices feature portals through which the employees are enabled to generate the payslips, make necessary applications & get assistance for the HR activities.  

Cloud-Based Saas HR Technology

The cloud technology has changed the face of HR Software which was previously used in the form of a stand-alone or manual system. There were many disadvantages of these kinds of systems which were lacking the portability and were dedicated to a single system. Failure and any kind of mismanagement will ultimately result in the loss of the data which is the worst scenario for HR management. The organization availed many technological benefits with the introduction of cloud-based payroll software. This centralized solution was capable of handling the data requests and serving the same with the updated data information. The accessibility has a very best advantage where the information can be accessed by the management and the employees around the world at any time and any place. The cloud-based software will offer your organization with accessibility, advanced security, data integrity and modular approach towards the company’s development in their business domain. Right from the startups to MNCs all are using this technology which can be availed with easy subscriptions according to your company’s requirements and numbers of employees. Unleash the potential of your company and employees with HR Software to experience the derived profitability and productivity.


Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development

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