Build Free Quality Backlinks for Your New Website In 10 Easy Ways

Backlinks are one of the subtle SEO strategies that come your way when you’re randomly reading a piece of content. You come across a word or a phrase, click on it because it has a hyperlink attached, and that takes you to another webpage.

Your action generates traffic to another website and that’s exactly what they wanted you to do! Similarly, you too need backlinks for your website. But how do you get them for free when you’re a newbie? Why would someone want to link your work when they don’t know you?

The number of backlinks you actually need to come up on the first page of Google makes many marketers to give up. But we’re not here to scare you – we’re here to give you the perfect guide to get free quality backlinks in simple steps.

Well, it takes years to build a good website that draws in traffic. Many brands chose professional SEO services which help them to create strong support of backlinks for their website. But that shouldn’t stop you from investing in one. Good websites are lifetime investments that you can reap benefits from forever. Moreover, in today’s world, you cannot ignore the importance of online presence.

Why are backlinks important?

You might think that backlinks are just another SEO strategy without understanding its real significance. Before you actually invest your time into generating backlinks, you must know why you should.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google, they recognized a weakness in the search engine. They didn’t use links like a valued metric for ranking results, so it was tough to find relevant content. Search engines were not responding to results based on what users were looking for.

When two pages are linked with one another, the target is to qualify an authoritative reference. Backlinks are not only signals that Google uses to rank their web pages, but also a source for traffic.

We all know that links on high-quality websites get numerous hits. Since they have a lot of traffic, they pass it on to other websites.

As a new website owner, you also need the power of backlinks to drive in traffic. But the question is how do you do it for free? The list below gives you smart tips to get your way through.

Ways to build backlinks for new website

There are plenty of ways to build backlinks, and below we’re going to share the most effective and inexpensive options:

1.      Build public relations

Building a relationship online is an ideal way to build backlinks. You need to know people so that they use backlinks for you.

One of the smartest ways to do so is by establishing yourself as an expert in the industry. Social media helps you through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and allows you to tell people what you do.

You need to be specific about what you do, what you need, and how collaborating with you can benefit others. Keeping things straight really helps you connect to people who might find you useful. It helps you grow contacts, build backlinks, and eventually optimize your website.

2.     Make your content competitive

One of the smartest ways to generate backlinks is by writing quality content in a well planned inbound marketing strategy. If people don’t find your content worth linking to, they will never link you. People only want to link content that will add the value of their post.

You need to craft great content that is relevant to your industry. To analyze competition you need to first search for topics on Google. It will open you up to competitor’s website where you need to check:

    • the number of blogs they have
    • the length of their posts
    • titles they’ve used
    • types of images they feature
  • how their meta description looks like

You need to evaluate them with your article to find out:

    • what images you should add to make your content more SEO-friendly
    • The appropriate length of content
    • how to add a more compelling title
    • an interesting featured image
  • relevant tags and meta description

Evaluating is important not only because you want to serve better than your competitor’s, but also because you need to know what the industry expects. People will want to help you build backlinks only when they relate to the work you put up.

3.   Do an original story

We do agree that there are some blog posts you’d have to add that are similar to your competitors. The only way you can offer something absolutely different is when you add original studies. It simply means sharing data that no one else has on the internet.

The strategy makes your resource valuable and gets you content creators who want to use your reference study and link you. Your own story can be unique experiences that you’ve gathered about the industry. However, if it is researched-based, you’d need more time to work on it.

4.   Use infographics

Readers love infographics because they are visuals that support texts and make facts more explicable. Content marketers use infographics to make their pieces more shareable.

If you create content that illustrates well, people will share it with others. It is a clear way to get more traffic and links.

When you publish unique infographics, you can connect with different blog spaces across your niche and ask them to share. People who find it useful for their blogs will do so and you win a backlink for your website.

5.   Write testimonials for others

If you write reviews and testimonials for products and services for other people in your industry, it grows your connections. When you do this, your website gets a spot for a backlink and that can generate a backlink for you.

The strategy helps you build contacts with people of the same industry, improve your ranking, and can get you backlinks. You might think that promoting someone else’s business gets them more leads or conversions, but it simultaneously helps your website rank better.

6.   Comment on relevant blogs

If you randomly scroll through social media sites, you’d see people like and share posts more than they comment. This automatically makes a person look more into their comments sections to get worthwhile feedback.

If you comment on pieces of content relevant to you, there is a sheer chance of building relationships. You don’t need to look for random posts and spend hours to read and comment on it. You should rather select quality pieces and add tactful backlinks in the comments.

Note that your intention here is to build a relationship with the author and share something relevant to give and take – in your case generate backlinks.

7.   Align social media

Aligning your social media sites for backlinking is essential. These social signals help search engines know how updated and active your website is. The more active it is, the better you can rank!

You don’t need to use every social media platform. Even though we agree that the more the better, you can only choose options that are ideal for your business.

You need to add the social signals to your posts to promote backlinking. There is a correlation between social media and websites that make people connect the two together.

8.   Broken-link building

Suppose you’re reading a really cool blog post on your niche, and you see an outbound backlink. You click on it and find a page that says ‘Error’.

You can use this opportunity to tell the content creator about the broken link. He will not only thank you because you pointed that out, but might agree to reward you by adding your website link to it.

The Google Chrome plugin called ‘Check my Links’ is a smart way to find broken links. It saves you hours of reading online content to look for broken links.

9.   Build internal links

Inbound links are essential to make a successful blog. You can use relevant anchor texts to link one blog post to another. It easily makes users navigate through your website and build user experience.

There are many tools that can help you create internal links especially if you use WordPress. However, we suggest you go manually to increase accuracy levels for readers looking for relevant click-through results.

10.   Get interviewed

There are plenty of people taking interviews online and is an amazing way to earn backlinks. People might want to interview you after you’ve built a good base, but there can be a newbie wanting to interview you.

You should be eager to accept any form of backlinking possibility to generate traffic. You can also look out for websites that run interviews and tell them you’d like to participate. If they think they need your knowledge, they’d definitely team up with you.

Final thoughts

To sum up, you need to build public relationships, write great content, and also try focusing on original studies. You also need to add images and infographics to your content and add other links to build stronger bonds. Don’t forget the essentiality of social media strategies as well.

It is true that you’d need a lot of time to go about the process, especially when you want backlinks for free. However, it will reap with time and fill your website with organic traffic


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