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We all know that if our product is not on the internet then we aren’t really selling it to the world. And we also know that in order to do this, a business needs to develop their own web store or join an e-commerce website. But in order to do this, one requires the help of an e-commerce platform. So before we tell you how to choose the best E-commerce platforms let us understand about it in detail.

What is an E-commerce Platform?

An e-commerce platform is basically an e-commerce service provider i.e. a professional web developing brand that can develop a completely functioning e-commerce website for a particular business. With the help of this e-commerce website, the business is able to display their products online for purchases through secure channels.

Benefits of an E-Commerce Platform

Using an e-commerce platform can take your products and/or services to the clouds. But here are some of the features of these platforms that enable the sale of your products and/or services and thereby also enable the growth of your business.


Professional e-commerce platforms develop user-friendly UIs with features such as multiple shopping carts, multilingual product descriptions, secure payment channels, etc. With the help of a user-friendly e-commerce website, any business can increase their sales and leads margins.

Not Very Expensive

Their services are not super expensive, especially when compared to developing a complete personal website. Most e-commerce platform developers also provide very low-cost maintenance options. Thus you get to increase sales and profits while not spending much to do it.

One Solution For All

e-commerce service provider offer you security in web hosting, updates, piracy security, and the likes. With the help of these platforms, the owners can actually focus on growing their business instead of concentrating on any kind of technical issues. These platforms help to give you a better solution for the problems that are faced by the websites on a daily basis.

Customer Support

If you are looking for the e-commerce platform, then always ensure that it provides 24/7 support for problems related to the functionality of the website. They also create secure and easy to use support channels with the help of which the business will be able to provide immediate customer support from their end as well. These facilities help in creating long term customers.

Promotional Operations & Social Media Integration

E-commerce platforms also allow the business to promote their products and/or services via social media through paid and unpaid advertisements. These can be in the form of banners, videos, or other sales based media content.

A good e-Commerce platform offers a range of operational benefits to business apart from simply providing a functional web store. Some of these are:

  • Pricing strategy
  • Accurate and personalized product information
  • Product management
  • Sales management
  • Categorizing the products and/or services
  • Service operations
  • Ability to personalize sales processes

Each and every business has their unique demands and these can only be met by partnering with the right e-commerce platform developer.

Best E-commerce Platforms

Now that you have a better idea of what an e-commerce platform is all about, let’s further get into the details of the top-class e-Commerce platforms that are available in the market. As we are aware, there is a good number of e-commerce website development companieswhere the business owners can get their e-commerce websites developed to make their online presence.


Bigcommerce offers a hosted e-commerce solution both as a shopping cart based platform and a SaaS platform for the other types of websites. This platform is quite similar to Shopify. These platforms highlight the flexible shipping options that allow the user to quote and calculate the rate.


  • This platform comes with great store management capabilities.
  • It offers unlimited product variants and promotions.
  • This platform integrates with other e-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon.
  • This platform is quite flexible and customizable.


  • Lacks in variety of template offers.
  • Premium themes are quite expensive.
  • Design customization is not always user-friendly.


This E-Commerce platform has become one of the most well-known names in the landscape of e-commerce websites. It hosts solutions with hundreds of users. This platform is super easy to use and very convenient to set up as well. It simply requires a sign up with your email address and you are good to go. This platform supports a lot of third-party payment getaways and is considered to have a large app marketplace. They provide you with software and hardware to channelize the sales.


  • The inclusive interface includes SEO features.
  • This platform is quick to set up.
  • It allows flexibility and customization.
  • This platform offers dozens of free mobile optimization.
  • It includes elegant themes after the purchase.


  • This platform can be a bit expensive for the user.
  • It is also a bit hard to plan and complicated.
  • This platform uses its own markup language.
  • It becomes hard to make changes.


This platform is another cloud-based online store. It was formed around 1999 and is considered to be one of the best e-commerce platforms for mid-sized businesses. This E-Commerce web platform offers product management tools such as subscription options, loyalty programs, product description and more. Additionally, it has a comprehensive knowledge base with guides and articles.


  • This platform includes various marketing options
  • It offers marketplace integration with other social networks.
  • This platform provides 24/7 support via live chat.


  • This platform can be a bit confusing in terms of the pricing structure.
  • You may have to pay extra for other features
  • This platform offers no blogging capabilities.


It is clear that e-commerce platforms can upgrade solutions for starting an online shop. And while choosing the Best Ecommerce Platforms is not an easy task, we have provided you with the most important features of these platforms, so you can keep them in mind while looking for an e-commerce website development company.

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