Parameters that differentiate who is your good client and who is your bad client

These are some parameters which differentiate who is a good client and who is not:


Clients who have continuous complaints even when your services are good are bad and irate clients. If the clients complain once or twice and the reason is valid then it’s not a problem but if they are continuously complaining, then that is an issue and thus you should deal sternly with these kinds of clients.


Many clients appreciate your work and they are good clients. But there are some other clients who just don’t appreciate your work and you should avoid these types of clients as they will spoil your reputation and also not pay up on time.

Clients who continuously abuse their position are bad clients and you should surely stay away from these types of clients.


Many clients pay up on time. But there are many others who keep delaying their payments and thus you should stay away from these kinds of clients as they bad name your business and lead to losses because of the late payment.


Some clients have a superiority complex and think that they are doing a favor by going for your product and services. These are bad clients. On the other hand, there are some clients who appreciate and like your work and also provide financial incentives then these are good clients. You should thus try to keep up with good clients and lay off bad clients to make your company a Best Digital Marketing Company Gurgaon.


Bad clients are those who are difficult to deal with. You need to be very patient and tolerant with them and still they fuss about payments and clearing their dues. You should stay away from these type of clients and use your strategy learned through Digital Marketing Training Gurgaon for good quality clients who are a pleasure to deal with.


There are some clients who have unrealistic expectations and you should definitely avoid them. You should focus on quality clients and upsell and cross sell with them. There is no point dealing with bad clients and it is a complete waste of time, effort and money.

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