Know how to insert Page Number in PDF while printing. Manual solution detailed on how to add / put page numbers while printing PDF with an alternative.

How to Insert Page Number in PDF while Printing? – Best Method

For users searching results for “How to insert page number in PDF while printing?” read the below article and get your query answered.

Adobe Acrobat is the fundamental organization that introduced the PDF files to the world. As time went, Adobe improvised PDF, by adding many new features in it. One such feature is Bates numbering, also, termed as page numbering.

PDF Bates numbering, in simple terms, is the indexing PDF file pages in a particular folder, so that they could be easily referred in future. Bates numbering is done on legal documents that are to be kept for long, so that they could be easily retrieved (identified) whenever required.

PDF, as you all know, is a file format that retains the layout of the document from the time it is created. Now let’s discuss the reasons that let Adobe add Bates numbering feature in PDF files.

What is the Need to Add Page Numbers to PDF Files?

In some sectors, users need to keep the documents for future so that, it could be retained / referred for similar situations. The main usage areas are defined below

  1. An Advocate inserts bates number on each documented evidence of a case serially so that it is used for future referrals.

  2. A Company always documents its plans and their out-comings so that, in the next time (for related plan), it could be referred and issues could be easily resolved.

  3. A Medical history is always documented so that each of its case histories could be easily rectified and analyzed the next time.

These are the main fields where the PDF page numbering is done. There may be other sectors or fields that use Bates numbering in PDF for specific purposes. So for all who require PDF page numbering, let’s know how to insert page number in pdf while printing.

How to Add Page Numbers while Printing PDF? – Manually

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an application provided by Adobe, that has features to add page number to the selected PDF file. So let’s get started with the procedure to manually put page number in PDF files

  • Open PDF file in Acrobat Pro DC

  • Go to Tools >> Click Organize Pages

  • Click on More >> Bates Numbering >> Add

Add Bates Option

  • Click OK and proceed

    Note: (Add more PDF files for multiple PDF file Bates numbering)

Add PDF files

  • On displayed screen, select any field & click Insert Bates Number

    Note: Other fields could be used to insert text if required.

Insert Bate Number

  • In window Bates numbering option, provide below details

    1. Number of digits: (minimum 3)

    2. Start Number: Any whole number (1)

    3. Prefix: Any Text (a/A)

    4. Suffix: Any Text (a/A)

Fill Bate details

  • Click OK to start page numbering

Click OK

After successful Bates numbering, you can view the files with the provided bates. After this click on the Print option to get the hard copy of the Bates numbered PDF file. For multiple PDF file printing, go to the destination, select all the bates numbered PDF file and select the print option.

Acrobat Pro DC shorts at some situations to add page numbers to PDF files. Let’s go through the drawbacks where the method limits.

Limitation in the Manual method

The limitations are listed below

  • The user needs the licensed version of Acrobat Pro to put page number in PDF files & this license has to be renewed Monthly/Yearly.

  • Encrypted PDF file requires password to be numbered

Though the application proves to be good for inserting bates numbers in PDF files, the drawbacks limit the function in some situations.

Then the question arises how to insert page number in pdf while printing in all instances?”

Don’t worry!! The limitations of the manual method are resolved by an alternative that is introduced in the upcoming section.

Alternative Solution to Add Page Numbers while Printing PDF

SysTools PDF Bates Numberer is an expert solution that easily add Bates stamp to PDF file. The application offers functionality to enter bates on encrypted PDF files as well. Also, helps user to maintain a file series of a PDF folder. The Print PDF option provided by the application directly prints out the hard copy of the Bates numbered PDF file (for multiple PDF files included). Now, let’s learn how to insert page number in pdf while printing

  • Freely download and run the application

Click  Generate Bates

  • Click Generate bates >> Print PDF

Print PDF option

  • Add PDF file (s) & check for Remove Encryption from PDF files

ADD PDF file

  • Provide Bates Number Format details

    1. Prefix (Any Text)

    2. Suffix (Any Text)

    3. Number of Digits (1 and above)

    4. Start number (Any Whole number)

    5. Increment By (Select from Drop Down menu)

Bates Format

       Note: In Additional Text (optional)

    • Add any text

    • Define text location and proceed

  • Under Bates Number positioning

    1. Use drop down and select position for bates

    2. For PDF series select “Continue Series for all PDF

    3. For identical bates per page, select “Maintain Same Number Per File

Bates Positioning

  • Set Bates Font color & Size

Font size & color

  • Choose Landscape / Portrait page setup

Page setup to Print

  • Finally, select Print to start process

Select Print

Follow the above procedure to view the added page numbers to PDF on the printed file.


Bates numbering is a procedure to index legal documents that are needed to be referred / retrieved in the future. Here, we have discussed different methods on how to insert page number in PDF while printing. Also, described the manual method to add Bates / Page number while printing PDF file. We have listed some shortcomings in this method and suggested an alternative for the same. Use the applicable method.

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