Five awesome tools amazon FBA sellers must possess

Amazon FBA

As an Amazon FBA it is important to know about any tool that can help them to streamline their business. For a small business it might be harder to add some of these tools but as you grow these tools can help you research and keep track of different aspects of your business, for instance RepricerExpress helps you to reprice automatically against your competitors. If you are looking to build Amazon business from scratch, the Amazing selling machine review can offer you a head start. You can also find trusted testimonials about the Amazon FBA at Amazing selling machine course review. Here’s a list of tools that Amazon sellers would seek at some point in their lives for the development of their business in the market.

Amazon FBA


The curiously named software CamelCamelCamel is absolutely free to download and a positive treasure for Amazon FBA seller. Not only does the tool provides advanced search options but can also notifies you when the price of products drop. Users can easily sign up and turn on the alert-option. The sales rank and history benefits the sellers.

AMZ Tracker

As the name suggests, this tool helps you to gain insight regarding your keyword ranking so you could optimize your listings and grow sales.

Apart from keyword ranking, its feature sales tracking spy allows a seller to keep an eye on how much your competitors are selling, including their daily sales, total revenue generated so far, available inventory and a lot more.

Once you type a word, even partially, the top results are typically sorted in terms of volume and after that mostly the items are ordered alphabetically.

AMZ Finder

A powerful tool which is a must-have if you want your Amazon business to prosper. It generates an email plan automatically, you can 500 free emails per month in order to optimize and improve listings and sales. The site also features auto pricing plan generation and a great blog section, which is automatically updated, along with product comparisons and advice on how to do better.

Trade Gecko

Trade Gecko is one of a kind business-cloud platform out there. Not only it is seemingly easy to integrate but also provides everything you need to run your business. It comes with a user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile. The online inventory management feature lets you keep track of your products as they’re manufactured and supplied by various sources and then being sold by you. It helps you to manage orders, while it syncs orders from multiple sales channels. All under one roof. Not only does it provides reports regarding past sale but it feature Demand Forecasting provides you the information regarding how many products you’re likely to sell and notifies you when it’s time to restock.

FBA Calculator for Amazon

An essential tool that saves your time by quickly calculating profit margins on the sold products. Making a profit while working on Amazon takes research and proper calculations. The tool is free to download from Chrome store. It allows users to estimate their profits of any product by examining the cost price, sales and few other variables. It takes all the essential work off of your shoulders. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app you can use it on the product page on Amazon for better and accurate results.

Final Thoughts

Even though some of these tools aren’t free, but they help you in growing your Amazon business a lot. The tools are good at taking care of the processes behind the screen so you can save your time and focus your attention elsewhere. Don’t wait another day and start using these tools to make your life easier.

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