3 Essential Elements to Build an Effective Mobile App Strategy

Few years ago, mobile was called the future of marketing. Now, it is no more the future but the present. Nowadays, mobile apps have become as essential to businesses as oxygen is to the living creatures.

Market experts are expecting that in the year 2017, almost 25% of online retail can be found to be bound for the tablets and the smartphones. So, if you have thought nothing about mobile app strategies yet, you must not delay a single day.

Why are Mobile Apps so Essential?

Before going to the detail discussion about the strategy, let’s discuss why mobile apps are so important for every business. Your target customers use your services and purchase the products. Now, most of the people prefer to do everything on their smartphones, be it study or marketing or anything else.

Naturally, mobile marketing can make the interaction between you and your potential customers easier and more effective. Now, when you know the importance of mobile apps, let’s move to the mobile app strategies.

It is not enough to make a simple and generalized strategy, rather you should focus on mobile app monetization strategies. It should be flexible, logical and relevant. When you are going to make a successful strategy for your mobile marketing, you should consider the three components of an effective mobile app strategy, given below.

  1. User experience:

All the effective mobile app strategies start with interaction. After all, interaction is the main purpose of making a mobile app. So, you should make an interface that can offer your customers what they want. And it should always be with the customers anywhere and anytime.

When you are making a strategy for your mobile app, it is very important to consider the entire thing from the perspective of your users – how they feel and what they want the most. You should also consider the causes of the customers’ frustration regarding the functionality and other issues.

When you have successfully pointed out those issues, you should try to eliminate them as soon as possible.  Don’t forget that there are a number of businesses that are similar to your business. So, if the users find your app irritating and time-consuming, they will prefer to go to your competitors. So, first of all, you should think of making an ideal user experience.

  1. Development:

This is perhaps the most important phase of mobile app strategies. You should have a robust application programming interface that offers all the functions and the routines that allow the users to access and interact with the software.

An application programming interface or API is all about blocks creations and tools that both the internal and external developers can integrate with other sources such as cloud services of a third party, and social networks in order to expand the reach of your business.

Backend offers a bunch of standard functionalities including data storage, user authentication, social network integration, and push notifications. These are the things that are common for most of the mobile apps which are successful, but it does not mean that this is the only thing that can make your app different from the rest.

When the developers use a cloud-based backend, they can free up in order to concentrate on designing the user experience on the front end.

Therefore, the initial development goal should always focus on reaching customer satisfaction. So, you must allow your developers to concentrate on user satisfaction.

  1. Monetising mechanism:

You should try to get an environment that can make the app simple and user-friendly. The environment should encourage the audience to get involved with the business. Generally, the most popular apps are those that are available for free. These apps are absolutely free to download.

When an app demands initial payment from the users, the users tend to suspect how far the investment can be helpful. Therefore, if you can make the download of your app free, you will be able to draw the attention of your potential customers. After downloading the app for free, you can encourage them  to make in-app purchases if they want the additional benefits offered by the app.

Final thought:

Whatever be the business, mobile has become a vital and integral element of your business. Mobile can be used for marketing, revenue gaining, operations, customer service and logistics as well.

These applications make the companies pick up and implement one of the best mobile app strategies. If you want to assure the success of your business, you must make mobile the center of your digital marketing strategy.

If you want to reap the fullest benefits of mobile app strategies, you should keep in your mind – user experience, development, and mobile app monetization strategies.


Arun is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company having a team of best app developers who delivers best Augmented Reality app And Virtual Reality app Solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform.

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