Advantages of using Meteor.js for creating the applications

Act wisely to win your profession. Anyone can do the same task as a machine does, but putting in the extra knowledge is the one that shows you alike from others. A normal developer will be looking for the normally available solution to build things, but it is only the extraordinary developers who are always in the unquenchable thirst of building efficient codes effectively. Don’t be a normal developer, go beyond your limits. Gain knowledge on the latest trends and superior languages that will make your job more comfortable.

Introducing Meteor.js

Meteor.js is the rising trend today; it is a highly popular, open source JavaScript web framework which is based on the isomorphic model. It can be written via Node.js and utilized for building the cross-platform and web applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

MongoDB can also be employed for implementing it. It simplifies the job of the developer by synchronizing the codes. Automatic propagation of the data changes to clients is allowed with the Meteor.js which is its best part. It is a superior framework that saves a lot of time for the developers easing their work and allowing them to concentrate on more prior one.

Why you should go for Meteor.js?

This sophisticated language directly accelerates the development process by providing access to a large number of libraries. This makes the prototyping of difficult applications simpler. When the coding gets less, automatically reduces the chances of mistakes committed in the project. Let us now dive in deep to find more pros of Meteor.js and explore the reason why you must use this framework for your next work.

Aids in working on real-time web development

A wide number of distinct features are encompassed within the Meteor.js development framework. Real-time is an important phrase in today’s online world. Since this framework uses the automatic propagation of client data, changes are made at a real time. It has got special production applications as, SonicAgile, Verso, Respondly, Pintask that keeps it unique from the other framework.

Availability of smart packages

This is the most significant advantage of Meteor.js. Creating the users is made much simpler with this advanced framework. The complete creation process is made simple. Writing scripts can also be made in no time with the smart packages that the framework has been developed with.

Work with a single language

The entire development process can be done at ease since it allows the use of a single language for coding the full stack. For instance, the front end, back end, and the database can be developed on the go by the developers. No more complications involving several languages to the project work. Neat work from the top to bottom can be done with the JavaScript. Also, an important point to be considered for using Meteor.js is that it works extremely well without any disruptions both at the client side as well as at the server side.

Highly supportive community

A large and helpful community is available for Meteor.js. You will be able to keep your first step quick when compared to other languages. The basics can be learned in no time. A lot of documentation is available for the framework, this makes learning easier than ever before. An official Youtube channel called, Meteor.js Youtube channel is available to learn things deep in Meteor.js.

The simplified solution for developers

Unlike the other frameworks and libraries as the Angularjs and ReactJS which are now on the top, but requires complex coding knowledge, Meteor.js is much simplified. Although those are the talk in the famous developers’ community, they can’t provide simple coding.

Easy to grasp

Meteor.js is beginner friendly framework. Even if it’s the first time you are learning the language, it will provide good comfort and won’t face any difficulties in grasping the concepts. All that the developer need is to know a single language and the complete learning of Meteor.js can be done quickly and easily. The end results are so instant that encourages the users to learn more and more. It is a simple task for anyone to create something fabulous within a short period of time persuading them to learn more in Meteor.js.

Simple to establish

Nothing more complicated should be performed; a simple installation is enough to enjoy the complete benefits. As soon as you install you can start working on it without any ifs and buts. This makes the entire development process simple and faster.

Compatible for Native mobile apps

Now building a native mobile app is no more a difficult task. The Cordova in integration with Meteor.js lets the user build innovative native apps compatible in both Android and iOS platform. The developers no more need to write different codes for the web app and the mobile app. Code written for the web app will automatically be converted to run over the mobile with the help of Cordova.

High scalability of project work

Whenever the organization creates a project, scalability is the primary concern. Meteor.js scores in this particular area. It is a highly scalable framework. Hence, it becomes the ideal candidate to be employed in large scale projects. It now also offers an add-on service as hosting service which is a great extravaganza for the business people.

Quick testing and development

Most of the startups are looking to develop lean products that can develop at a faster phase. They also look for a place where they can make a quick check over the product and bring them to market. Meteor.js is a complete solution that can be best suited for startups with this objective. Within a short period of time, they will be able to create a smaller product and test it without any breakdowns.

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