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microsoft office 365 outlook backup

Hello everyone! I am a technical administrator in a well reputed IT company. Today, I am going to review about Office 365 Outlook Backup Software and how this utility helps my Organisation to overcome data loss.

So, we are using Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan for the online business work. However, we faced a data loss disaster, where we lost our sensitive emails. This was our bad because we had never taken email backup seriously. After facing this problem, our Organisation has decided to create backup of Outlook 365 emails on local device in a regular period of time. So, we can control email lose from such disasters.

Thus, we had consulted with some experts who advised us to use SysTools Office 365 Cloud Backup Solution. It is an amazing utility, capable to fulfil all customer requirements related to Outlook 365 backup. Administrator or end-user can operate the tool. Plus, it supports a wide range of Windows Operating System, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

The objective of this product review is to tell – how the backup of Office 365 emails can be easy with the tool. Adding to it, the tool offers “Restore” feature as well that completes the entire backup cycle. As we know, a backup is useless if it cannot be restored. So, let’s get started!

Start With Noteworthy Features of Office 365 Outlook Backup Solution

The first and foremost thing about software is what data items the tool saves on local machine? So, it downloads a copy of Outlook 365 emails, contacts, attachments and calendars on the user’s specified location. In other words, we can save the data at any location and replicate it on other devices also. This will enhance the availability of data to a great extent. Apart from this, the tool has lots of salient features that make it perfect for O365 mailbox backup. All of them are discussed below.

  • Backup Emails Into Two Formats

The Office 365 Outlook web backup software is very much flexible and export data into PST and EML format. If there is a requirement to store all the data items like Emails, Contacts, and Calendars, then PST option is the best match. In case, when you want to save emails only, then EML can also be used. In fact, when you opt for EML, multiple naming conventions also provided to manage single email more proficiently.

  • Maintain Email Attributes After Backup

The thing I like the most about tool is management of email data integrity. It can export messages from Inbox, Out-box, Junk Email, Drafts, Deleted Items folders with all metadata attributes. In fact, all types of attachments can be saved, including cloud attachment to hyperlinks. Besides this, the category and priority applied on particular email can also maintain after the backup process.

  • Support Shared Mailbox Backup

As we know, the shared mailbox becomes so much important for an Organization, to centrally manage emails for a particular department. The best thing about Office 365 Outlook email backup tool is support Office 365 shared mailbox backup. In fact, an admin can backup one or more shared mailbox(es) into PST or EML format on Windows Operating system in one shot. With Restore feature, you can retrieve the shared mailbox data into desired Office 365 users account without any fail.

  • Always Get Data In Same Folder

To backup data with same folder hierarchy is a significant feature of the software. It exports the O365 emails to PST format with the exact folder structure that maintains in Outlook 365. In fact, when you will restore any local PST file, the tool asks you to maintain original folder hierarchy or not. If you check this option, then OWA account will show the imported data with its proper folder structure.

  • Unlimited Data Retention Policy

In Office 365, there is a concept of retention period, where the data will be removed forever once its limit gets over. Although, the tool is capable to backup data with infinite retention period. As a result, the Office 365 Outlook local backup remains in the system as long as we wish.

  • Granular Backup & Restore Data Feature

To minimise time & effort, there is a provision of selective backup and restore. With these remarkable features, it is easy to select any folder(s) from the source mailbox (Primary or Shared mailbox). Therefore, when there is a requirement to backup data of specific folders email instead of all, this feature helps a lot. Likewise, it is easy to move desired data components from local PST files to O365 cloud database also.

After understanding the features of the software, let’s check out how it takes Microsoft Office 365 Outlook backup –

  • Open software and login with either as admin or end-user.
  • If you sign in as admin, then add CSV file that has information of all mailbox(es). The tool will fetch all the mailboxes and displayed them on the dashboard.
  • Browse a location for backup file. Here, you can also create a folder instantly using Make New Folder feature.
  • Click on Export and select the following things.
  1. File Format: Either select Outlook PST or Single EML format
  2. Select Category: You are free to select any items like Mails, Calendar, and Contacts.
  3. Date Filter: Requirement to export emails of particular timeline.
  • Once you have done with the above step, click on Start.

That’s all about how to backup Office 365 Outlook emails on local system with an unlimited retention period.


After using this software personally, I always recommend Office 365 Outlook Backup & Restore Software to export emails of Outlook 365 on local machine. Also, it is a cost-effective way that provides shared mailbox backup, restore feature, granular backup & restore functionality in a single utility.

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