Aadhaar Card PDF Password Remover Software: Permanently Removes Password!

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Nowadays, in India having an Aadhar card is very important as it an identity card issued by the government for every person. For every legal work, it is required as identity proof. Moreover, it is considered as the confidential document associated with every person individually. Thus, Aadhar Card is protected by a password which is known to the user of Aadhar Card. However, sometimes the need arises to remove e-aadhaar card PDF password. Most of the users struggle with the problem of removing password from Aadhar Card as they are not able to find a reliable aadhaar card PDF password remover software. Thus, in this blog, I am going to share my experience, how I remove password from aadhaar PDF with a smart and versatile solution.

How to Remove e-aadhaar Card PDF Password?

Well, my journey of password removal was not easy until I found an efficient and trustworthy solution. Let Us Begin! According to my job profile, I need to use Aadhar card number of times a day. Every time, when I have to use Aadhar Card PDF, I need to enter the password to open it. I had to do this work around 10-15 times a day. I was so fed up by entering the password again and again. Thus, to deal with this problem, I decided to unlock aadhaar card PDF password permanently.

I knew to remove the password, I have to depend on an automated solution. But, numerous tools are available which made it complicated for me to select a reliable and smart tool. I searched on the Internet and after spending an hour, I found an Aadhaar Card PDF Password Remover software i.e. PDF Password Unlocker by SysTools. I must say this tool is just a lifesaver! It is just a fantastic tool to work with. I downloaded the software and in just a few clicks I got Aadhar Card PDF file without any password.

Let me share the procedure I followed to remove e-aadhaar card PDF password.

1. First of all, you need to download and install the software on your system

e-aadhaar card PDF password remover

2. Now, click on the Unlock option present at the top

3. After that, click on the Browse button to insert the Aadhar Card PDF file


4. Next, the software will show all the restrictions associated with the file

view restrictions

5. In the Select Destination section, you need to click on the Browse button to select the destination to save the resultant unlocked Aadhar Card PDF file

6. Now, the software will prompt to add the password associated with the Aadhar Card PDF file. Add the password and click on the OK button

password required to open aadhaar card pdf

7. Finally, you have successfully removed the password protection from aadhaar PDF

Now, Most of The Users Will Think!

Why One Should Pick SysTools PDF Unlocker To Remove Password from Aadhar Card PDF?

According to me, it is the best aadhaar card PDF password remover software. It’s because it is an all-rounder utility to remove e-aadhaar card PDF password. Along with Aadhar card, it can also remove protection from other PDF documents. The software is integrated with amazing features such as remove PDF restrictions, unlock PDF from owner level security, remove document assembly restriction, eliminate signature restrictions etc. The user-interface of software is also very impressive, both tyro user and technocrats can work with the utility without any issue.

Top 3 features which make it the best choice are:

Easy Password Removal: Use this aadhaar card PDF password remover software and unlock PDF document with user-level & owner level password security.

Restrictions Removal: One can also remove restrictions such as Printing/Copying/Editing/Page Extraction/Comments/Signature/Document Assembly Restrictions with the help of this tool.

Compatible With Windows and Mac Operating System: There are no compatibility issues associated with it, one can easily use the tool on both Windows and Mac Operating system.

Now, Removing e-aadhaar Card PDF Password Is Not A Complicated Task!

Aadhar Card is one of the most vital identification document used by every person as identity proof. Sometimes, the need arises to remove password from aadhar card PDF permanently. In such a situation, one can rely on professional PDF Unlocker software. It is the perfect aadhaar card PDF password remover software that can be used even by non-technical users. With this utility, one can easily remove the password and restrictions from PDF file in just a few clicks. I was able to unlock aadhaar card pdf password without any issue. I am sure that the software will also resolve all your PDF password and restrictions removal issues.

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