Top 7 Mobile Applications for Digital Marketing

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Do you own a certain business and you are looking for ways you can approach more customers? Have you ever thought of using mobile phones as a medium to market your services or product? Well, since nowadays there is an application for everything, why not use the one to promote your business? There are numbers of marketing dissertation topics worth reading that highlight the importance of having digital marketing strategies for rapid growth in your business.

As far as mobile phone applications are concerned, there is a huge improvement in the field of marketing as people have got opportunity to share, connect and engage themselves in almost any of the current trends of the world. Just like a student would get help from surfing through internet anywhere anytime about choosing his marketing dissertation topic, it is equally beneficial for all businessmen out there.

Whether you are waiting somewhere, commuting, lounging, or spending some free time at your home, these efficient mobile applications are there for you anywhere anytime. Owning a business is not a piece of cake. One must continuously look for effective strategies to make it grow more and the mobile applications is one of the effective tool for it. Since businesses are always in dire need to stay ahead and connected all the time, the demand for various digital marketing tactics including mobile phone applications will surely give you the results you won’t get from desktop computer.

From keeping a track of all of your tasks to observing which of your competitor has made new advancements, make sure you have some useful applications in your handy gadgets. Even though there are myriad of applications in the app store, let us talk about top 7 applications that will be helpful when it comes to digital marketing of your business.

1.     Hootsuite for Multiple Accounts on Social Media

Specifically designed for social media marketers, Hootsuite allows the users to handle different social media profiles saving your time and energy. Since multiple profiles can be managed from this application ,there is no need to individually open Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Some of the features include publishing the same message on all the social accounts signed in at the same time. You can also track brand’s performance, receive notification in case anyone mention your brand name, and schedule post on each account to be published on specific timings. If you are a marketing students and you are looking for dissertation writers, you might find useful, the information and tactics available of such applications.

2.     Buffer

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer is a another valuable application for you mobile phone that allows users to set and schedule multiple accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. In addition to this, it also offers the tracking of the performance of each of the social account. With the help of provided statistics, people would get to know exactly where their business currently stands and what possible growth opportunities are. Students who in search of good marketing dissertation topics should go for writing on the interconnections of different social media account, and they would find some useful information from these mobile applications.

3.     Tweetbot for Twitter

All those businessmen out there who frequently use Twitter as a medium of digital marketing would find Tweetbot as a useful application to connect to their potential customers. The application allows you to interact and organize your twitter account in number of ways. You can easily disperse you twitter stream into channels and send individual tweets on them. Not only this, a user can directly respond by sending an appropriate reply from within the application.

4.     Flow for Instagram Users

Do you use Instagram on your iPad quite often? Are you thinking of using Instagram as your medium of social media marketing? Well, this worthwhile mobile application allows your Instagram feed to fit to your iPad display. Staying within the application, you can browse of things, comment, like and follow any person or service you want to approach. Marketing students, who are looking for catchy marketing dissertation topics, should think of writing on such Instagram apps that help grow different businesses.

5.     Redbooth

Do you own a business and currently having any problems in collaborating with your team members? Since marketers these days require complete freedom to work anywhere anytime they want, they must need an application that is best fit for their marketing needs. Be it working on each project or working with the team, this efficient application Redbooth allows users to communicate seamlessly with each other. The app manages tasks, allow members to chat with each other and allows users to have a good track of their projects.

6.     Evernote

Whether you are a business owner or a freelancer, this application is extremely efficient in making important notes, to-do lists, making photos for sharing, setting up reminders, snipping web screenshots and maintaining a file for your short and long piece of write-ups. Available for both Android and iOS users, Evernote allows digital marketer to be organized in making up strategies or even jotting down any important point in your mind. Be it a professional academic writer looking for a catchy marketing dissertation topic or a business owner penning down the meeting minutes, Evernote is all you have to download.

7.     Facebook Pages Manager

Even with the help of using Facebook, you can have a complete control over your various business pages. In addition to just commenting or posting any update, the page control allows the user to see the daily statistics and you can even use the Boost option to reach out your target audience.

Although you might not need numerous applications in your phone, but hopefully after reading the post you would be able to identify how each of the top five application will help grow your business and attract new potential customers.

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