How Do I Automatically Backup My Google Calendar On Desktop?

Wants to backup or export Google Calendar on offline platform? If yes, then read this article once and get the answer to this question.

“Please help! Last Saturday when I opened my Gmail Calendar application to view my appointments, I received the message that Google Calendar service is unavailable.

All of my events are data are saved in Google Calendar. Now, I am unable to check any of my appointments. And this is not the first time when this technical glitch occurs. Now I want to resolve this problem. For this, I would like to know how do I automatically backup my Google Calendar on Windows PC? So, I can access meetings in Windows inbuilt calendar when unexpected service failure happens. Any relevant suggestion on how to backup Gmail calendars?”

Google Calendar helps a user’s lot – from managing the important meetings or remember any anniversary or birthday date. And in this era where all the work has done online, Gmail calendar acts as a very helpful application by keeping you up-to-date.

However, the catastrophic service outage or accidental deletion of any events while removing the unnecessary data gives you a headache. To deal with such data loss events, the best practice is to periodically take backup of calendar entries on local machine. So, you can recover it whenever there is a requirement.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to shed light on how to backup Google Calendar automatically. So, let’s get started!

Does Google Backup Gmail Calendar?

No, doubt! Google lets you to export calendar in the form of a ZIP file on local system. In this section, we will explain two scenarios where users can save copy of Google calendar on PC.

Situation 1: Download Events of One Calendar

  1. Login to Gmail account using any browser.
  2. Click on solid menu button available at top-right corner and select Calendar from the list.
  3. Under My calendars section, click on three dot menu of any desired calendar.
  4. From the menu, opt for Settings and sharing option as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Under Calendar settings section, hit Export Calendar button to download the calendar entry file on the system.

Situation 2: Backup All Gmail Calendars On PC

  1. Sign-in to Gmail account.
  2. Under Calendar section, click on Gear icon and opt for Settings.
  3. From Settings page, select Import & export option from the left side panel.
  4. Here, you can clearly see all the calendars are listed under Export section. Now, you need to click on Export to download single ZIP file for all Gmail calendar entries.
  5. Once the file has downloaded successfully, extract the calendar from ZIP file.

Unfortunately! There Are Some Downsides In Manual

If you are going with the above workaround, then it is important to know its demerits. Here, we list all the common limitations.

  1. Exporting lots of calendar entries with manual technique consumes lots of time. In case, when the internet connection lost during the task, the entire process needs to be performed again.
  2. The exported calendars have difficult name that creates confusion when there is a huge amount of data. It becomes cumbersome to understand which calendar entry signifies what. For example, you can see every calendar renamed in the below screenshot and get a complex name, such as GSM Calendar changes to GSM

Don’t Worry! Create Trouble-Free Google Calendar Backup

It is evident from above that there are some holes in manual workaround. So, it is suggested to use a backup method that is efficient and effective. For this, SysTools Gmail Backup Software wins every time. It is a utility that lets you to automatically backup Google calendar on local machine within a few mouse clicks without any fail. Plus, with the same utility, you can potentially create Gmail emails, contacts, and documents backup on on-premise location. Now, let’s check out how it works.

  1. Launch software on the system that runs on Windows OS.
  2. After that, select Calendars items under the Select Category section.
  3. Click on Browse to save the backup file directly to desired location. Here, you can instantly create a new folder by clicking on Make New Folder button.
  4. At last, click on Start to automatically backup Google calendar on designated location.
  5. Once the backup process gets complete, go through the location where backup file is saved and open it. You can see all the calendar entries have a simple and original name that is easily readable.

What’s More – The software automatically saved a transparent report of entire backup process. It can be used to analyze the entire migration.

Final Thoughts!

Google Calendar events also possess the same importance as Gmail email. So, it is important to safeguard a copy of calendar entries on local machine that protects you from unexpected data loss events. Therefore, we have described a complete guide on how to automatically backup my Google calendar. Although, it is always suggested to use a reliable Gmail Backup solution to deal with such sensitive calendar data.


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