Key Features of Courier Deliver & Tracking Application

In the contemporary era, the  courier delivery service has also become advanced and modern as compared to the traditional courier services. Now, app development companies have turned it into easier, faster and professional process.

To bring your services on a digital platform and to offer various facilities to your clients, you only need to hire a best mobile courier app development company or you can also hire a developer on hourly, full time or part time basis at affordable price.

Key features of Courier Delivery app

1) Real Time Tracking: This is the foremost feature of the on demand courier delivery app, as it is the most needed feature for the people. The user has a desire to track their parcel and want to know that where there parcel has reached and want to know the current status of their parcel.

2) Digital Signature: To bring the advanced app and to deliver secure parcels to the users, . Secure delivery authentication feature is the imperative. The digital signature feature improves the courier delivery experience of the users. It helps companies also to identify the potential issues and it avoids unwanted conflicts as well as it makes the process secure.

It excludes the information like pin code, barcode scanner etc.

3) Notifications: Now the courier app will tell the status their own to the users. With notification feature, it turns the process engaging and communication flow  consistently. It provides the real time status in the form of an alert. As the process crosses the step, the app itself improves with the notification in the form of SMS and alerts to the user and companies  about the courier stage process.

5) Order Details: To know the relevant order details are really essential for the users, driver and organizations. As driver should have an accurate order delivery details. At the present time you can’t rely on the single handed information, in this case the best solution is to empower drivers with the right technology and tools. It can sort various issues and misconceptions.

Provide responsive mobile interference driver app, so through with them, they can have a communication with the operation department and it will turn the communication process into  a responsive and effective process.

Advanced Features: Integrated in on demand delivery app development process in future

The Best Mobile App Development Companies have started working on these technologies.

1) Blockchain

The blockchain technology will be the upcoming trend, of the upcoming time. It excludes the third party interface like banks, RBI etc. It keeps the whole data towards it. This technology can be considered as an online ledger.

2) Less Keyboarding and More Touch

This is the demand of the coming time, the user doesn’t want to put efforts as many things have come in touch where as it has been expected that in coming time the use of keyboard is going to exclude.

3) Offline Mode

All technologies rely on the internet technologies, and courier apps need the  access of the internet. Courier developers have to give the access of offline mode to users, so users can use the app where there is lack of internet.


The courier services app development companies prefer to opt for these above features, to provide in the courier clone as they are needs of the market and even customers can modify the changes according to their requirements.


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