Know Which is the Most Trusted Solution to Fix Corrupted Word File


If you are an MS Word user for quite some time, chances are that you have encountered corruption issues. This situation is common to all the MS Office users, who often find themselves in a helpless condition with Word file corruption. Unless the corruption of a Word document is minimum, the files also become inaccessible as MS Word fails to open the Word file.

When you find yourself in such condition, you know what to do exactly: fix corrupted Word file and remove of all its infection. But the big question is how to repair corrupted Word file? Numerous methods are available that are used for fixing the corruption of MS Word 2016 files. In this post, we have gathered all the prominent remedial approaches for the benefit of the readers.

How to Fix Corrupted Word File: Popular Methods

There are different methods used by MS Office users for resolving damages in Word documents. This segment will focus on all the commonly used methods category-wise to fix corrupted MS Word document with low corruption level. Here are some of the native methods:

Native Method 1: Open and Repair Utility of MS Word

Using the Open and Repair feature of MS Office, Corrupted Word documents can be fixed. You can fix corrupted Word documents by following the given steps.


1. Start MS Word 2016 or any other version and click on File>> Open.
2. Choose the damaged Word file from the window.
3. Select Open and Repair option by clicking the down arrow button beside Open.
4. MS Word will fix corruption and open the Word file.

You can easily fix corrupted MS Word file with the simple steps of MS Word utility. But, in case it doesn’t provide you with the desired result. You can move to the next method.

Native Method 2: Change File Extension of Word File

If the Word file extension is not compatible with the version of MS Word. You can try changing the extension into DOCX file format.


1. Open the folder where the inaccessible file is located.
2. Select and right-click on the file to choose the Rename option.
3. Change the file extension from .doc to .docx and hit Enter. (If prompted about file extension change, click Yes.)
4. Now open the DOCX file in MS Word.

After changing the extension, check whether corruption issue in word file is fixed or not. Otherwise, try other mentioned methods if this unable to resolve the issue.

Native Method 3: Open Corrupted Word File In WordPad Application

When MS Word fails to open any Word Document, opening the same file is WordPad can be a feasible solution.
1. Navigate the Word file location, select the file.
2. Right-click on the file, choose Open with option.


3. Search for WordPad from the window opened. Then click OK.

4. Now, the word file is opened in WordPad.

You can repair Word files, by opening them in WordPad. If this fails, opt next method. This is the alternative of fixing corrupted MS Word file.

Method 4: Recover Text from the Word File

If MS Word cannot open the file, users can recover only the text of any Rich Text Format Word document. You can get your data for temporary use. You can use this method in dire necessity.

1. Launch MS Word and click on File>> Open.
2. Select the corrupt/ damaged DOCX file.
3. Besides “All Word Document”, there is a down arrow sign. Click on it and choose “Recover Text from Any File” from the list.
4. Now, click on Open to see the text of the corrupt Word file.

After recovering the text from the damaged file. You can try the mentioned methods to fix corrupted Word file in the next section.

Method 5:  Fix Corrupted word file With online Free Repair Tool

As we have discussed that manual techniques can fix slightly corrupt files, many users prefer to use online Word document Repairing Tools for severely corrupt Word documents. Various websites offer this online corruption removal service where users have to upload the files in the websites.


The websites then repair the files and send these to the users’ email accounts or offer the option to download the recovered file. However, these online tools may or may not fix MS Word document corruption
Moreover, it is not possible for the users to track what the site is doing with the Word file data. Considering these facts, those who are concerned about data security do not use Online Word doc repair tools.

Automated Approach to Fix Corrupted Word Files

After using mentioned approaches, if still, corruption in Word file occur then an automated solution offered by SysTools can be used to fix corrupted MS Word document of different versions. Among many applications of the same category, Word Recovery Tool is considered as the efficient one.

Word Recovery is the application suitable for all Word doc file recovery created by MS Word 2007 and above versions. By removing the corruptions, the tool recovers the original formatting, layout, tables, charts, images, online videos, OLE objects, etc. of those files. It also allows users to add a bulk number of damaged documents at a time.

How to Fix Corrupted MS Word Document Using Word Recovery Tool
Users can turn their damaged Word file into a healthy one just by these four steps:

1. Start the tool to add one or bulk corrupted Word documents.
2. Scan the added Word files and remove all types of corruption.
3. Click on any file to preview the recovered items from the document.
4. Save the files in any chosen folder and open using MS Word.


If users have some corrupt documents in their computer/ laptop that MS Word cannot open, their prime concern is to fix corrupted Word file. They can refer to this write-up where we have depicted all the common methods of fixing corrupted MS Word documents. Since manual solutions do not always work and online tools are not quite safe, it is wise to go for Word Recovery application. This software is not only efficient but also allows recovery of damaged Word file through a short and simple method.

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