Gechic 1101H 11.6” portable monitor Review


When it comes to a best portable monitor category, which one is a better one for you? There’s no doubt that the portable monitor increases a person’s productivity level. But some people are still confused that which one is better for them. No doubt there are hundreds of them and its common thing that everyone would get confused in choosing one thing in many. There are many companies that are claiming that their portable monitors are better and they are right. In fact, Gechic is one of them and today I am about to review a best portable monitor from this company named as Gechic 1101H 11.6” and you’re going to love it. So let’s get straight into that.

Gechic 1101H 11.6” Specs and features

gechic 1101H 11.6

First, let’s talk about the specs of the Gechic  1101H portable monitor. It’s the finest monitor from the Gechich with the more connectivity options. You might have seen of the portable monitors which do not offer all the connectivity ports. Like some would have the USB but doesn’t offer any VGA or HDMI. Unlike those, the Gechic 1101H offers all of them at its best. There are three types of connectivity options on the Gechic 1101H which includes the mini HDMI, Displayport and VGA and USB 3.0. You connect your laptop or any other device to the Gechic 1101H with ease.

We have more to discuss. The portable monitor offers the tremendous display of 1980 x 1080 pixels resolutions where on the hand you’re getting the contrast ratio of 800:1. Similarly, with this much resolutions, you’re getting most of the color combination of over 16.7 million. Isn’t it a great feature? Yes, it is. As much as I am concerned with the performance, you’ll have the response time of 14m/s which is low according to the other portable monitors.

Here is the interesting part. You’re getting the built-in speakers with high-quality audio of 2 x 0.75W yet better than many speakers. Similarly, you have the audio jack where you can attach your headphones to the Gechic 1101H portable monitor. Moreover, if you’re not liking the audio of the speakers on a portable monitor, you can enjoy the Headphones audio with the help of the audio jack. On the other hand, with such a high-quality screen, you’re getting the crisp and clear display.

Gechic 1101H Design

gechic 1101H 11.6

As mentioned in the name, the Gechic 1101H is approximately 11.6 inches which are comparatively small to other portable monitors. There comes a cover with the 1101H which not only protects the portable monitor overall but you can also use it as a stand.

But let me tell you, you can use it only on plane surfaces, not on the landscapes. However, the best thing is that you can rotate it in different angles. Moreover, the portable monitor only weighs over 1.5lbs which is a lightweight. It means with this lightweight, you’re going to carry it around with you with ease.


Gechic 1101H is proved to be one of the best portable monitors over the years which is a better companion for office guys in increasing their productivity level. With the crisp and clear display features, it doesn’t only allow you to work at the office but also you can watch movies and play your favorite games with it. So if you’re looking for a best portable monitor, Gechic 1101H is the best option for you right here and you can get it on amazon because you’ll get it at the low price as compare to other companies like ebay, gearbest etc.


  1. Best Display.
  2. Protected by a protection case.
  3. Protection case can also be used as a stand.
  4. 800:1 contrast ratio.
  5. Nice side view angles.
  6. 1980 x 1080P resolutions.
  7. Built-in speakers with nice audio quality.


  1. There are no cons on the Gechic 1101H.

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