The Use Of Visual Marketing In Your Marketing Strategy


Visual marketing consists of integrating visual elements to improve the marketing strategy for your website. Thanks to the corporate videos, images and other graphics items, your brand can penetrate deeper into the memory of your audience. Visual marketing is very important and that is why you must pay attention to it. You can integrate these features into your mobile app. This means that you can always promote your products to the users. Here are some of the elements you can use in your visual marketing strategy:

• Infographics

The infographics have great success on social networks, especially on Pinterest. People read infographic before a post. There are many tools to make cool infographics without having a great knowledge of design. If your brand or product can be expressed through an infographic, do not hesitate to contact app development companies to get the right tools.

• Memes

At first, it seemed that it could harm some brand or product, but memes have come to stay, and they are great to share on social networks. You must know the fashion trends to produce a successful meme.

• Gifs

The gifs are also a great option in visual marketing. These animations are a great tool to boost the positioning of your brand as it can help you greatly increase engagement.

They are very easy to locate on the internet such as Facebook or Twitter and numerous blogs. Many brands already use them, and there are also many sites where you can get them for free, like Giphy.

• Videos

Video is now the king of visual marketing. The publications with videos are 3 times more shared than others. App development companies can help you develop apps that can be used to create professional videos. Do not let your videos exceed two to three minutes duration.

Many brands are already into video marketing. Videos have a great relationship with large social networks. On Instagram, most of the adverts are video. Snapchat is another network where visual marketing by excellence are short videos, as well as Facebook and especially YouTube.

• Images

It is clear that when you think of visual elements, the first thing that comes to mind is an image. Articles that contain images have more visits.

An image is easy to create and with a little ingenuity or a good graphic designer, you can create spectacular images – images that will help you strengthen your brand. The colors on the images must be related to your brand. Design images that facilitate recall and contains catchy and short messages.

Advantages That Only Visual Marketing Can Give Your Business

Visual marketing is a strategy that has ceased to be an option but a necessity. What are the reasons and the exclusive benefits that make Visual Marketing obligatory to attract and retain customers? Let’s see some obvious points below.

1. Greater communication, less time, better retention

Do you know that one minute of video equals 1.8 million words? According to Forrester Research, this is one of the wonders of visual content: explaining much more information in a shorter time.

2. Greater emotional connection

In 2018, it is no longer enough to create good products and services. How many people and companies are offering something similar to yours? If you are honest, the answer will overwhelm your conscience. Faced with such an abundant offer, the public looks for another set of variables

3. Better search engine positioning

Images and videos contribute to SEO not only when they are incorporated into the corporate blog but also appear in the top of Google when viewing preferences filtered. Two reasons stand out at a glance: the first is that images and illustrations allow you to add ALT text with keywords heavily exploited in the conventional way of content marketing and much more fertile in this area, giving your company margin to capture part of that positioning.

The other reason is that the videos are usually integrated into YouTube. At this point, again Forrester Research gives us another noteworthy fact: a video is 50% more likely to be placed in the number 1 of Google to another content format. If you want to capture the attention of your visitors, increase the time spent on your website and rank on the first page of Google, it’s time to use visual marketing.

4. Virality

Infographics, illustrations, photos and videos are more likely to be shared than any other textual content, especially if it is an emotional, provocative, happy or curious message. Please note that virality is not automatic, they are made: the key is to know your audience so well as to give them exactly what they want, seek and need.

5. Considerable credibility and greater conversion radius

The 90% of online shoppers say the audio-visual content helps in the purchase decision and 85% are willing to buy at online stores with 3D images, a descriptive video of the product or an infographic that explains the different uses and scope. Visual Marketing not only makes your proposal more attractive but also differentiate you from other suppliers.

If you stop for a second to remember those advertising campaigns that have moved you or that you remember for their usefulness and ingenuity, I’m sure you must have a viral visual or video ad that came to you through social networks.

6. Encourages effectiveness and engagement

People read less and less, or at least focus attention and dedicate time only to what interests them. To compensate for this lack of reading, visual marketing relies on the effectiveness of videos, animated gifs, illustrations, photographs, graphics and presentations allowing greater customer loyalty.

7. Accessibility at a reasonable price

It is not necessary to belong to a large company, have a pocket too deep or have a large bank account in a tax haven to perform effective visual marketing. Although it is true that they demand a technical deployment of equipment, complementary inputs, in many cases, originality and creativity are more powerful than money. App development companies can help you with tools that you can use to create these contents.

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