10 Chrome Tips You Must Know

Google-Chrome tips

Today, the Internet is just like lifeblood of information. In this knowledge age, we grow up with internet at our fingertips. Either it’s school work, research assignment, entertainment and/or if you want to socialize, internet is the only way to survive. After all, nobody wants something which has no digital existence.

As the services reach the clouds, the traditional browsers have transformed from one-window internet to the digitized multi-function boxes, popping magic with its ever-increasing features. Now, the browser is not less than an OS; a user can use a browser as a communication tool, create productivity suites, enjoy disposable escapist entertainment, and/or perform any other function related to the internet.

Choosing the best web browser is debatable, we measure the speed and the user-friendliness of a browser; to determine the best one. Keeping that in mind, Chrome browser is the top priority of many savvy-internet users. versatility, polished UI, lightening-fast, and easy-to-use ability are some of the most notable reasons behind Chrome’s popularity.

Google Chrome is currently the most-used browser, helping more than 70% of the users to search the web on the planet; leaving Apple safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer behind. Started out as user novelty, Chrome has become an institutional product. There is a bounty of stock embedded throughout Chrome’s guts that you may not even know; that are there to make your browsing experience much more satisfying and reliable.

Check out the list of some hidden tricks that Chrome offers and enjoy faster, more-effective and extremely-flexible web browsing.  No hacking, no special add-ons and no registry eids are required.

Chrome Media Player: Google chrome media player is an extraordinary solid player, allow users to drag and drop their favorite image and/or video file into a new tab and start playback. You can enjoy your favorite media on a bigger screen as well; just hit the chrome setting tab and select tapping cast from the drop-down menu. Expand your viewing experience with Google Chrome media player.

Direct search with Omnibox: with Google Chrome, users can easily search through any website without visiting those sites; those sites need to be there in the list of search engines. Like; You can directly search article in Wikipedia without visiting Google or front page of Wikipedia. To use this amazing feature, go to the setting>search engine>manager search engines.

So for any website search, type the name of the website in the Omnibox, on the far right side of the screen, you will be asked to press a tab. Pressing that tab to turn the website name in blue on the left side of Omnibox; type your query, Chrome will brows within the desired search sites. Chrome add these “keyword searches” to any site you visit.

The omnibox or the Chrome address bar acts as a Search box, that also enables users to directly solve their mathematical queries. Omnibox is the combination of the address bar and search bar, just use Ctrl+L and search anything directly from your favorite website.

Incognito Mode: Chrome offers users to surf internet privately in incognito mode (stealth mode). This mode does not record your digital footprints; as Chrome does not delete your browsing history automatically (to remove history manually press Ctrl+H and choose the option to clear all browsing history), and no option left, once you close the window. Incognito mode is recommended to use when you don’t want your system to record your web-surfing details, for example using two different accounts at once.

As you close the incognito tabs, you are no more to the digital world or your incognito data removed; good for your porn needs as well. Don’t worry, your downloaded content will not go anywhere. Just press Ctrl+Shift+N to browse in incognito mode. However, you are not invisible from your ISP, your employer and the website you visit.

Task manager: Google Chrome browser has it’s own task manager just like Windows PC, that monitor the resource diversion and various processes. Press Shift+Esc to reach the task manager or manually select more tools from the top-right hamburger and select Task manager.

You will find all the currently in-progress plugins, extensions, and tabs in the task manager. You can also compare browser’s resources usage in every process being run in the browser and can end the process in case your system is stalling or slowing down; by simply highlight the process and press the “end process’ button at the bottom.

Google Chrome Sync: google is the good platform to sync, so do the chrome browser. With Google sync feature, you can sig-in your google chrome, using google account credentials and save your preferences, bookmarks, autofill data, themes, extensions, apps, search engines, Omnibox data passwords in your google account.

The best thing is when you sign in your google account any other device or computer, Google will import all your data instantly. Now you don’t need to download sub-standards apps to transfer your precious data between devices. To enjoy flawless user experience on multiple platforms, simply sync and keep your settings consistent across all the machines.

Kid Profile: you always find ways to control and monitor your child’s digital activities and you don’t want your kid run wild, freely and unsupervised in the malicious virtual world. Chrome helps you set up a kid profile for your lil angel; which you monitor and supervise. Simply select add person under manage other people from the setting menu and make sure to tick the box next to “Control and view the websites this person visits from and click Add.”

You can restrict certain sites, keep SafeSearch on lock and can easily access their web activities. Multiple identities can be created for your multiple kids.

Tabs manipulation: tabs are dynamic and fluid, they are not static or fixed entities. Google Chrome allows you to drag and drop tabs to rearrange anyway that suits your readability. Dragging tabs below address bar will pop-up a new Chrome window, connects to that open page and can also drag back to the existing window to merge with the first window. Pinning tabs turn tabs into icons; using minimal space in the Chrome window. Pin/unpin your most-viewed tabs with just one right click.

Do Not Track Feature: The most recent version of Google Chrome; Chrome 23 offers DNT feature that restrict websites to track your activity; ensuring security and peace of mind. To enjoy DNT feature, press Alt+E or Alt+F and select settings, then click advanced settings and review the privacy section. Mark “send a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic” option and remain anonymous, keep the fat in mind that not all sites cooperate with Chrome due to their own policies.

Hidden T-Rex Game: the most annoying situation is when you disconnect from the internet and you keep refreshing the web-page but, unable to resume internet connection. Google Chrome allows you to play T-rex game between connection waiting laps. Just press enter/spacebar (depending on the system) and play never-ending game.

Shortcut for features: now you can directly jump to several locations from the address bar while using Google Chrome.

  • chrome://bookmarks —Bookmarks page
  • chrome://settings — Settings page
  • chrome://extensions — Extensions page
  • chrome://history — History page

Bonus Tip:

Last year has been a roller coaster for the internet users with big tech firms being hacked and compromised. To eliminate the effect of online threats and spams, the best possible way is to hide your IP and encrypt your traffic. This is why most tech experts like Edward Snowden recommend the use of a reliable and secure VPN. A VPN not only encrypts your traffic and hide your IP, i butt also give you access to many geo-restricted websites around the globe. You can watch movies, TV shows and sports live streaming with a VPN from anywhere on any channel or website.

Simply add these in your bookmark bar and access anytime for quick access

I am sure you will give it a try to all the tricks mentioned above; for outclass digital experience. I hope you will find these hidden features useful and entertaining.

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