10 Ways How to Become a Most Successful Entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneur

Nothing’s better than working for your own self. You are not answerable to anyone. You’re your own boss. In fact, entrepreneurship is a very famous concept these days. Every other person you come across is thinking of earning money through his ideas. People have so much to bring to the table these days. While the pioneers get to taste the advantages or disadvantages of giving an idea a shot, the followers reap the benefits. This is because they learn from the mistakes of the risk taker. And often times come up with a better business model that addresses the loopholes that the initial model had. The telecommunication companies like Frontier service are not pioneers in the field either. But look at the name it has earned for itself. While having a brain full of innovative ideas is god-gifted, in my opinion, you can polish your entrepreneurship skills to become successful.

Here’s how:

Work Smart, Not Hard

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. This common misconception prevails in the minds of people regarding the entrepreneurs’ daily routine. People think that if a person who claims to be an entrepreneur is not working for a good 18-19 hours a day, he has failed at his job. According to many people, entrepreneurs do not have time to spare for anything but eating and sleeping. Well, this is not how it works. If you over-burden your brain with so many things, it will fail to function properly. Plus, one person cannot be good at everything. Therefore, an entrepreneur has to hire people for tasks he thinks he cannot perform well. And yes, entrepreneurs party, go on a vacay and spend time with their family just like any other people. And you know what sets them apart? They work smart. Because it is not always necessary to work hard.

Admit that You Can’t

Always hire people for the tasks that you think you cannot perform yourself. There is no harm in admitting that you are not good at a job. In fact, it is better to accept than to ruin things. This will allow you to focus on the areas that you are good ta. That will eventually lead to you bringing more business. Outsourcing is a very popular concept these days. Big companies outsource some of their tasks to companies who are pro at their jobs.

More for Less

As tempting as this sounds, it is always the best option to hire freelancers when you start a business. The more established companies cannot afford to do so. But the newbies should definitely try this approach. Because in the beginning, you cannot pay hefty amounts of money as salaries. Moreover, the freelancers are usually young, enthusiastic individuals who are willing to give it they’re all. So, you spend less and get more work done.

Get Ready to Fail

You might have been a topper in your class in school or college, but you might fail in your attempt to start a new business. The sooner you accept this fact and put aside the fear of failure, the better. Failing is the part of the game. While it is not necessary that you fail, there is a high probability that you will. Therefore, be prepared.

No is Not an Option

When you will accept the fact that you can fail, you will have to teach yourself to get up after every failure and start anew. You cannot give up. And you cannot afford to take ‘NO’ as an answer either. Instead, you should have 3-4 backup plans so that you can adopt an alternative route if one fails.

Hungry Games

You should always have the urge to learn new things be it from someone younger than you or older. This hunger to achieve more and learn all that you can take you a long way. Because the moment you stop learning, you will see your business fall. As technology is evolving with every passing day. You need to keep yourself updated with all that is happening around.


With learning comes evolution. The moment you accept the fact that there will be changes and you will have to adapt to them, you will succeed. Why do you think Nokia failed? The mobile company did not see the change, the evolution coming. The others took advantage of it and crushed the giant that it was.

Gut Over Spreadsheet

Mark my word. Always, always trust your gut instinct. If you sense trouble, there probably is one. Don’t just go by the data and spreadsheets all the time. So, while making decisions, ask your gut as well apart from consulting the excel sheets.

It’s a Risky Business

And you should be prepared to take risks. If you fear that you will fail and that fear holds you from taking risks, nothing worse than that.

Build an Empire

Hire people that you can trust, who are good at what they do and who feel like an integral part of the company. They should share the same vision for the company as you. That is what will make a great team. When everyone will be working towards a single goal and will be giving it their all, there is no way that the company or the business won’t succeed.

Staying well connected to your team is also a part of the deal. Achieving this is not that difficult. With services like FiOS Internet plans, you get fast-speed Internet at an affordable rate. So, stay connected at all times doesn’t seem like a challenge either.


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