Social media is a boon to any type of business especially small scale business as it can achieve an impressive brand influence and customer engagement which are both are essential for any successful business. With a budget that is low, you can achieve the target that you need with the social media. Here are some of the best social marketing strategies that all the big sharks use to gain the business and you too can follow them to achieve your business targets.

1)        Survey your audience:

Surveying your audience provides you with priceless data about your ideal customer and in which ways you can help them. By knowing the right data you can achieve in creating the content that solves those problems and helps them thereby increasing the engagement rate. Surveying the audience can be a tough task but you can make it simple by surveying them in the form of polls or questions etc. Try to use the language of the content as simple as possible as the content that is put up on the page has to be understandable by all and hence use the same language as your costumers.

2)        Have a right plan:

A proper planning is essential before you start out any program. There is no compulsion to create a detailed, all-inclusive plan, but do take measures to make your social media updates line up with your business. Make a not bout the upcoming initiatives, activities, etc over the next month and then draw the topics and themes for the activities for your social media posts. Plan certain issues and question yourself the important matter of why you are starting this campaign and your goal from it.

3) Concentrate on videos:

The most powerful tool to attract the customers is video marketing. The video marketing is done with a minimal budget and all you need to have is a smart-phone or a good digital camera with good editing tools. In the video use good content and make it short yet effective. Use the right content and the appropriate hashtags after. And we obviously have the Google Analytics to know how your video is performing. Take the advantage of the analytics tools and try to make your videos more engaging.

4)    Reach out to influencers:>

There has been a lot of trends these days that the endorsements by a bigger personality help in growing the business. For expanding a business, sponsor a social media influencer either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and ask them to promote the brand. Especially in the year 2018, influencer marketing is a trend that you simply can’t ignore.

There are several high-end companies too like star bucks and OnePlus that use this strategy to grow the business. Before, for the traditional marketing, the stars from the movies or the modelling field, etc. Market your products. In the same way, the stars of social media play a similar role in developing your engagement and business.

5)        Craft quality, engaging content

Don’t be afraid to try something new and unique that can catch the viewer’s eye. Attracting a customer is highly dependent on superior content and enthralling visibility. Keep creating new social media posts and post them regularly at regular intervals in a day. It is advisable to a post at least 4 different posts a day to keep people engaged

Keep a note not to spam the users with posts. Too many posts also can irk your viewers. Be reliable for your audience when creating content and post relevant content for your viewers and if your users respond well to videos follow the same strategy.

6)        Track your social activities:

Analytics tools are priceless as they give you an access to allow you to monitor your social media sites as it gives you a chance to improve yourself by looking at the reports. There are also some tools that allow you to monitor how often people are speaking about your brand and if the mentions are positive or negative.

These tools are excessively important to know about the brand’s image and if it is negative, there would be a chance to build up a positive outcome. Analytics tools can also help you in identifying the threat that can seemingly happen for your business or industry and also help you in observing the competitor’s social media presence and how you can improve your page with higher engagement rate than your competitors.

7)    Engagement with people:

Create an environment in your social media page that will allow your users to engage with other or with you. Actively send out frequent polls and questions that the users might be interested in and take their suggestions. This also pro-actively engages users to give out more queries where you can solve. Follow the 80/20 rule where you publish the posts with 80% general content and 20% business content. Use this rule as it might not bore the customers with all the business content and you can use this rule until your product becomes a brand in the market.

8)  Go live and conduct webinars:

Going live very frequently and conducting the webinars is especially very useful for the smaller companies and they are useful in marketing that a product with your brand exists. Use this option very efficient as it may benefit your business to a higher extent by going live to explain about the products that they might not be aware of, to clear their doubts, to give demos, etc. This strategy can also help in building a good bond with the users. This strategy is used by even by big companies as they believe that engagement with the customers is more important for the growth of your business.

9) Partner with other businesses:

Partnering with the social media pages of the different companies can help you gain business. This is not only beneficial to you but also to the partner company. Target companies in your local area and work out on a complementary agreement that provides a shared benefit for both the mutual businesses. When the partnered company shares a post on you, the engagement increases as the people from the other page also look at your social media page and when you post on the significant other, it benefits that other business. This way, get into the mutual understanding to grow your business.

10)   Give out extra deals:

Conduct contests among your followers and indulge them to participate to give away freebies. And also tell about the exclusive offers and discounts especially for the social media users. This will also increase the engagement among the existing users and can help in growing of the followers of the page. The more your audience receive these freebies and discounts, the more they can get to know the worth of your brand. This strategy is followed by all the big companies in the starting stages and decreases these freebies as the brand value increases. This is the perfect marketing strategy that a small business can follow.

Srinivas Katam

Do you need help growing your business? Srinivas Katam is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant with over 200 successful SEO and Social Media client engagements completed. I’ve worked with brands across the world as a digital marketing consultant to deliver revenue growth from content-focused inbound marketing campaigns. He is an Innovative Marketer who specializes in digital marketing, specifically in social media, SEO and online strategy.

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