How Do You Get Maximum Likes and Followers on Instagram?


Posting content related to contests or quizzes on Instagram is one of the best ways to cash in on user-generated content (UGC). It calls for less effort from the participants, which is why they like it so much. It is just one way to grow your followers. However, avoid resorting to dodgy shortcuts such as using bots or buying followers. To be candid, there is no point in it. Your business goal is to get more likes and followers from people who love and want to engage with your brand. That is how Instagram will help you achieve positive business results. So if you are looking for more likes and followers on the photo-sharing platform, here are a few ways to do it:

Post Using Popular Hashtags

You will get real Instagram results provided you use the popular hashtags related to your industry. It will help your brand get increased visibility on the images you post. Make sure that you research on the popular hashtags using Google. For instance, if you have a flower delivery business, use hashtags such as #florist, #floristsofinstagram, #flowershop, #weddingbouquet, #bridalbouquet, #eventflowers, and so on. However, do not overdo your hashtags. A paragraph on a hashtag is not a good idea to grow likes or followers. A long paragraph of hashtags below your product photos will not do you much good. It will look messy and overzealous. Therefore, use one to three hashtags for each photo.

Post at the Correct Time

Post your product photos depending on your customer’s time zone. Check when they are most active on Instagram. Most of the users are active in the morning and during the evening when they are coming back home from their workplace or school. Based on the findings of the analytics firm, Simply Measured, the ideal time to post content on Instagram is between 5 pm and 6 pm on Wednesdays. You can check out sites such as to learn about getting more Instagram likes from real people who care about your brand. Avoid posting during the middle of the night because photos on Instagram have a typical lifespan of approximately four hours before they are lost in followers’ feed.

Post-Honest Behind-the-scenes Shots

Your audience does not like to see the overly used polished photos of your business adverts. Instead, they like to see behind-the-scenes shots of your brand that they can relate to easily. Post images of your employees or the kind of work your business does. If your company has about 150 employees, posting the faces of a couple of your staff from behind the brand will make it look more transparent to your audience. The images you post on Instagram need not have a marketing flavor all the time. Post them just for fun. It will help you drive engagement. You do not need to fret over how to convey your brand message across to your followers always.


Now that you know how to get more likes and followers on Instagram start posting content right away. Focus on the above tips, and you will see good results.


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