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YouTube is a great platform to watch videos. We are always hearing about how this gigantic social network works to continue growing and offer the best services to both citizens and brands. But she is not the only one in this battle. Vimeo, vidmate fast download Daily Motion and even social networks like Facebook or Instagram try to compete in this type of strategy.

The video is one of the formats that allow you to get a message in the fastest and most direct way. It helps to vitalize content and offers a multitude of options and variables: longer or shorter duration, a careful montage or a sequence plan, interaction of characters, places, objects … Therefore, being the leading platform, which everyone seeks at the time of getting popularity is key. YouTube has many competitors, and so they work to become a powerful alternative.


There are many features that this platform shares with YouTube at the interface level. Even both were born the same year, although Dailymotion did it a month before, so it can be considered a great veteran in this of hosting videos. Although its growth has been less explosive, it remains firmly on the board as one of the companies that must be taken into account and is concerned to incorporate new features to the market to increase its competitiveness.

Thus, in 2013, it launched its own application to record and edit videos Dailymotion Camera, with which it hoped to connect more clearly with its users, offering them a way to interact directly with the site and allowing professional and creative adjustments to the content with the incorporation, for example, of filters.

The company wants to compete for the one-on-one with portals such as YouTube or Vimeo, and in October of last year, it launched Repost, a function that allows selecting video fragments to share on other social networks, giving more relevance to the content. Also, just a few days ago, presented its universal application, which we will have in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, because, as we know, the use of the Smartphone is increasingly widespread.

Dailymotion, high quality in your videos:

  • Dailymotion has managed to find its niche by competing with titans such as YouTube or Google video, improving the service and facilitating access to premium features for free, as a way of valuing the creativity of many of its users via vidmate free download.
  • In addition, with this compliment, the creators will have maximum protection of their contents and will be able to exhibit their work in a privileged place and form, solving some limits such as the 20 minute upload time for each video.
  • Among its main features, we highlight its 150 Mbytes per video. One of the novelties in its service is the inclusion of high quality (HQ) in all its videos, an option that can be chosen by the user who visits them. We must bear in mind that this is a feature that many other services offer premium users in exchange for an economic outlay.
  • The ability to have three levels of privacy for content, also make it a good choice, since we can decide if the video we upload we share with all our friends or only with those closest to you.

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