Brands and Their Important Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram is extremely mysterious for all the business owners. Few of the brands even believe that if you are not extremely famous, it is impossible to get fame on Instagram. This can be true but it is obvious that your motive is not gaining fame on Instagram; rather you are interested in building a proper presence for engaging and connecting with the target market. According to, 71% of the US businesses are known to use Instagram. Given below is a list of the unique tips that you can use for making your presence prominent on Instagram.

Hashtags have to be a part of the strategy

Apart from the image that you are posting, hashtags are undoubtedly significant elements of the post. While captions can help in telling a story that lies behind the image that you have posted, hashtags help the image to get observed by those people who are outside the sphere of the already existing followers. When users are searching for a particular hashtag that is relevant to your industry, it is obvious that you will want your content to show up as well. The three important strategies that can be used for choosing the hashtags include:

  • Using popular and famous hashtags that will have a chance of being searched for.
  • Using hashtags that are less popular but highly relevant.
  • Using hashtags that will help in attracting new followers.

Try to be the part of your Instagram community

Instagram is going to work the best when you are using it for forming relationships with the other users. Making use of this platform is not only about posting different pictures within your own space, but it is also about participating as well as forming a community around the photos. You can build a community by using hashtags, engaging with the posts of other people, being an active part of the Instagram campaigns, and much more. You can get Instagram followers from reputed websites as well.

Know the posting frequency

You will come across numerous posts as well as conflicting advice based on the frequency according to which you should be posting on Instagram. In the end, it is only you who can take a decision as to what is going to work perfectly with the audience. You should start by posting a single picture on the first day and then you have to increase the frequency of posting pictures. When you see that you have already started hitting a point, where engagement is going to drop, you have to scale back, until you are reaching an optimal level.

Your images should be in accordance with the vibe of your brand

Most of the successful brands are known to pay attention to the images that they post and also ensure that the images keep contributing to the identity of the brand. Posting random images will not help in driving engagement at all. Keep the vibe of your brand in mind and post pictures accordingly.


Propermarketing strategies can help your brand to reach the zenith of success. Consider all the strategies that have been mentioned above and try to implement them if you want to boost the engagement.


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