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Does that ring a bell? Well, the 90’s kids would guess what I just hinted at. The 2000’s kids, I am not sure. I just want to point at the power of good advertising campaigns. The theme songs and the taglines of a brand or a company ingrain themselves in your brains if they are effective enough. In this age, the advertising scenario has changed to a great extent. People no longer watch television ads. Instead, they prefer (and most of the times enlighten themselves) watching the ads that run on Facebook or other social media platforms. From sportswear products like Adidas Superstar to Internet service providing products like Cox Internet plans, almost all brands promote their products via Facebook. But a lot of hard work goes in coming up with these ad campaigns. Sometimes they fail and at other times they exceed peoples’ expectations.

While that depends on luck, let’s have a look at some of the tips to help you create unique Facebook ads.

Make it Visual

No one likes a boring, old written piece of information you call an ad. A person would rather read a newspaper than go through written ads. You watch ads. You do not read ads. I mean that’s the only simple rule. And don’t think otherwise. Because if you try to experiment with your ads when it comes to visuals, you will suffer. Because the Facebook algorithm treats visual content more favorably. And it’s not just Facebook, in general people also tend to share visual ads more (with friends or on their timelines) than written ads. Moreover, visual ads tend to stay in people’s minds for a longer period of time. And that is your goal anyway- making a place in individuals’ minds for a long span of time, no? However, you should take care of the image size and the resolution of your visuals. And you are good to go!

Customer Testimonials

This is a very good way of encouraging viewers to take an action. Including customer, testimonials give a guarantee to the viewers that the product is worth trying. No one will believe your word more than they will someone else’s. Someone who has tried the product and swears by it. Because let’s face it, no one wants to waste money on something that did not deliver what it promised. One point to remember is to not start your testimonial with a generic offer. Instead, try featuring genuinely happy customers who share what they liked about the product. And what benefits did they get from using your particular product?


Do not be vague or unclear while you make an offer in your ad. The last thing you want to do is putting the viewer in confusion. Clearly, the offer that you are making will make sense to you. But think from the perspective of a person who is new to it and you have to explain your offer to him. Try to make it as clear as possible. The prospect should be clear in his mind what he will gain from clicking on your ad. Because if it isn’t something that interests him, he can move ahead with his life.


Relevance is very critical to the success of the Facebook ad campaign. If you come up with an ad that is not relevant to your target audience, forget about the increased number of customers. You are going to spend huge sums of money apart from time on designing an ad campaign. Make sure that you put in time researching your target audience and their preferences as well. The more relevant your ad, the higher its score on Facebook. And the more favorably it gets treated as well.

Value Proposition

Educate the viewers what they will get or achieve by clicking on your ad. This is called value for the proposition. You should be able to deliver that what is unique about your product. What is it that you are bringing to the table that others haven’t till now. However, the value proposition should be believable as well. Do not claim something that one cannot believe. For example, writing that our burgers are the best in the world is an overstatement. Exaggeration won’t get you anywhere.

Location Specific Imagery

Another very effective way to attract viewers is to add location-specific imagery to your ads. This makes the ad more relatable to the viewers. Moreover, the viewers will find it more appealing. Thus, increasing the engagement level.

Call to Action

Creating an enticing ad is not the only thing. You should guide your viewers regarding their next step. Like they have watched the ad that was unique and cool. But what next? It is important for you to add a call to action. This will guide the viewers about their next step.

This is very important. Recently, I came across an ad while scrolling through my newsfeed. The ad was by Spectrum on regarding Spectrum Internet plans. After going through the ad, I wanted to subscribe to a plan. And it was so easy to do so. A tab on the bottom right corner of the ad read ‘Buy Now.’ I clicked it, was directed to the webpage and bought the plan I wanted to. I give credit to their design!


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