How Better User Experience (UI) Websites Help Boost SEO Score

Better UX web designs ensue the creation of products that render significant and relevant experiences to the users. It is understood fact that different aspects of web design, technology and content are inter-related. All in all , they put a huge impact on SEO. Nevertheless, things go wrong only when you don’t built responsive websites,don’t produce high-quality content or go wrong from technical issues that may put your revenue on the decline. At that moment you can’t rescue your goals and effort that you’ve put in to succeed on Google SEO ranking.

Owing to this, Google Algorithms keep on changing. It might be possible once you ranked with effective seo strategy, but that is no longer in point. Google don’t rank you on the basis of keywords, backlink profile or content only. Rather there are 200+ ranking factors used by Google RankBrain on which they detect, analyze and rank your website. Out of those 200+ SEO ranking factors, UX website responsiveness are the two main factors emphasized this year( 2018).

This is because, unlike other SEO tactics, RankBrain is under the influence of behavior metrics. These metrics signify if user found your website useful, or had better user interface. They utilize the entire consumer experience to figure out the quality content the consumer required.  In short , better performance and usability of your website empowers the SEO results in a better way.

1. Mobile Compatible Website Is Never-Center Of Effective SEO

Down the road, trend of mobile compatible websitecreation is predominant. Google emphasize on the mobile-first strategy. In fact, mobile version of the website is the main starting indexing point and therefore, important for search engine optimization.

The two main factors of best mobile experience are responsive and navigation. From design element, button sizes also have a huge impact on the mobile user experience. So, it is necessary to focus on each and every single element of the website. Eventually, it will benefit you in Google indexing part, improve user’s experience and hold up SEO score.

  • Instead of making small sections of menu, focus on making the menu as distinguished feature of the mobile designs.In this way,users will not stray for your offerings and bounce rate will also be reduced.
  • As most of the organic or paid traffic comes from the mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are at a risk of losing more than half of your search traffic to your competitors.


  • Make sure the content is aligned properly and consistent across the mobile device. Use the content formats and metadata that can easily be crawled and indexed by the Google. Also, ensure accessible sitemap on mobile site.

2. Website Speed Optimization is A Main Attraction Of Every User

53% of the mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than 3 secs to load. And if your website is one of those slow loading sites, then you lose a vital part of the digital success. It’s importance can be estimated from the fact that 65% of the web browsing is done on smartphones. Therefore, make sure that you have tested the responsiveness of website and website loading speed on different small, medium and large devices.

Getting into more details, researches show that a 1 sec delay in site loading speed can reduce the conversions by 9% and affect the SEO badly. Whereas, 50% visitors will give up on the website that takes longer than expected time. In short,

Visitors HATE SLOW LOADING Websites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the audit of website speed optimization and fix the issues that are affecting your seo. You can do various things to make your website load faster. The list of essentials includes

  • Use of CDN ( Content Delivery Network)
  • Cache Enabling
  • Removal of unnecessary scripts & plugins
  • Minification of JavaScript and CSS
  • Compressing the website images
  • Hand rolling of your sitemaps
  1. Use Of Descriptive Links For Enticing the User Accelerates SEO

 If you are the UX designer, then you must know the value of good CTA ( call-to-action) . Use of descriptive links is the best historical practice made by the SEO experts and web designers.

Verb-noun pairs work best in terms of expecting the action from the user. But this doesn’t mean that you should make this practice vague by using repetitive CTAs on one web page. The home page is very important from this perspective.

If designers litter the web pages with “ Learn More”,  “ Read More”  or “ View Details” links then it will less likely urge the user to click CTA button. So it’s better to write some grabbing catchy line “ Views services in details”.

Or you can say “What more we offer in our seo services” Now this is a far more descriptive link that will push the user mind to find detailed information about the seo services and packages etc.

Who knows??? …..this way the visitor who is looking for SEO services might get impressed and becomes your valued client.

Remember, over-linking can do more harm than benefit. Thus, it is suggested to keep the descriptive links less in number ( 18-20).

4. Use of Breadcrumb Navigation Helps the User Trace Their Way Back On Website

Breadcrumbs are very important part of SEO. This secondary navigation system helps user alot to switch between the pages with easy-to-follow categorization. The user can go back to primary category, sub category or home page as per his need. Now this is the responsibility of best UX designer to make the navigation of the website user-friendly. Thereby, Google can analyze the website structure and increase the site indexing. In this fashion, search engine optimization of the website will take less time.

5. Optimization of The Site Structure Makes The Website Search Friendly

If you are using the best UX skills to make your website stand out then this trick will for sure give you an edge on your competitors. Optimize your website with some minor tactics and get major conversions. Make the navigations links clear and descriptive so that user will not wonder.

Other than this, one of the peculiar feature of optimized site structure is that user is able to get what he/she wants with just fewer clicks because users don’t have time to look for details you shared until unless the product is of his/her interest. Moreover, keep the link description and structure consistent to make your site easily accessible to readers, help SEO and Google to crawl your website.

  1. Some Major Tweaks In Your Content Will Help Your Website Stand Out

When it comes to SEO, Boston SEO consultant always focus on the technical aspects of UX. Content plays a major role in UX web designing whether its for Yahoo, Bing, or Google search engine.

  • It is recommended to keep the content well-formatted with the help of subheadings, pointers, or numberings.
  • Prefer the short paragraphs to deliver your information so that reader might not lose interest.
  •  Along with content grammar and structure, you can also give life to content with quaint multimedia and visuals.

Linear approach of experienced SEO consultants and UX designers will help you in better ranking, more leads and overall success with the help of the above mentioned and more secrets of UX-SEO duo.

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