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Enabling the best and the quality backlink tool is the most important tool for every business and the services that we have. Having an extremely powerful backlink checking tool or a software to your site is a best and a great way to increase and raise your website rank or the page rank so that you can easily get more views and the visibility in the Google search results by all the audience and the people who are searching for your website.

There is one way through which you can get better backlinks software and tools for your website. The way is to check and verify all your competition so that you can easily figure out and see from where they are receiving their links or the sources from where they are receiving the links for their websites.

With the help of these backlinks, you can easily find out what backlinks are your company using to get their page views and the ranks for their website. If you want to some of the best backlink tools, then here they are:

List of Backlink checker tools

Some of the best backlink checker tools that are most popular in the internet world today. Check them out:

  1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO offers various tools to help and support the webmasters. The company’s backlink checker digs and crawls the website itself that it never uses any of the third-party data to transfer and to deliver any kind of information. You can simply use this software or the tool to find the backlinks that are pointing to your own website or that points to any of a competitor, which includes the number of any referring websites or the domains and IP addresses. It also helps you to see the anchor text, that how many links have being set to follow, and a lot more. The software is free, but it provides any other additional information on a paid package.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is software or the tool that would be the best tool to support your website or the land page. The tool will be very useful if you are using it for your website. It analysis your website and you can easily use them. You can simply register a free account that you can use the software for your website. The tool offers a free subscription plan and if in case you need any additional service you can simply go for a paid plan.


  1. Open site explorer

OSE is considered to be one of the most popular brands among the users of the backlink tools or the software. It offers an extreme set of the backlink analysis that you can simply apply on your website. It gives en number of site lists for your website that will help you to get the perfect quota and a data for your backlink activity. It offers services like the analysis on new links, page authorization, domain security and many other services too.

  1. Google Search Console

GSC is another brand which is the most famous among the backlink tool users and the customers. If you are searching for a best backlink software for your website then this is the right choice for your website. GSC is the most trusted one that you will find it very useful for your website after you have started using it on your website and other land pages. It gets the most popular backlink that will help your website to rank top on the Google search that is relevant by the users all over the world.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most popular one just like others. You can simply use them like other software and tools. This is free software that you can use for your website. It has many features which are very helpful for your website.

  1. Backlink Watch

The name itself implies the work done by the software or the tool. You don’t have to worry about the software once it has been installed on your system. The software or the tool will help you to rank your site with the best popular SEO help.

  1. Rank Signals

It is another free backlink service provider for your website. It gives much information such as anchor text that has been used, the number of links that are being searched by other websites. You can use it for all your website and land pages. It is very useful.


The above mentioned are most popular one as in search of best backlink tools and the software for the website to rank the best and on the top on the Google search.

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