6 Best Practices Used By Top Graphic Design Services Firms

In today’s digital world graphic design has assumed great importance as it plays an important role in visually communicating a message. Let’s say a Canadian coffee chain wants to attract clients in Vancouver. A firm offering graphic design services in Vancouver is hired for designing the campaign. The agency will then try to incorporate the local flavour in the visual material so that the target audience can understand the message and relate to the product. Let’s take a look at the best practices which the Vancouver-based graphic design company or any other similar agency follows to provide efficient services.


1. Pick The Most Appropriate Fonts

Everyone wants his/her design to stand out from other templates and in order to stand out use some weird fonts. This results in poor readability leading to a failed campaign. The content must be presented in a clear and easy to read manner. People can find it difficult if a diverse selection of fonts is used and therefore, select the most appropriate elements with some sort of consistency.

2. Use Icons To Communicate The Message

Icons can be an excellent tool to effectively communicate the branding message. The Canadian coffee shop chain will benefit from the practice and the agency can use a popular animal like the moose or the grizzly bear as an icon for the chain. Such symbols if created thoughtfully can be very powerful branding tools and help the audience identify the product in a crowd.

3. Understand The Value Of White Space

A lot of professionals make the mistake of filling every inch of space with colours or other design elements. Let’s say the coffee shop entrepreneur engages a firm for responsive website design in Vancouver which creates a design that overwhelms a viewer’s senses. Sensible designers understand the value of the white space and leave some untouched space to focus the attention of a viewer on the part of the promotional material or website which contains the message.

4. Being Consistent In Image Selection

Images are another aspect that needs proper planning and attention. After understanding the requirements of the clients, professionals try to be consistent in selecting images. Not only images but even the graphics, illustrations and other visual elements are selected only if they add some value to the campaign. The firm specializing in graphic design services in Vancouver will use similar types of images and other pictures so that a lasting impact can be made on the target audience.

5. Plan The Colour Palette

Most beginners feel that using bright colours is the safest tactic that will attract people. Such a strategy will not be suitable for every project. It is essential that the designer understands the character of the project to choose the colour palette. The selection will also depend upon the audience that is being targeted by the campaign. Just like fonts, the colour scheme also must not affect the readability of the content. The ideal palette is made up of about 3 primary colours supported by the same number of contrasting shades. Designers can also experiment by using different tones of the same colour to create a contrasting effect.

6. Align The Objects Properly

The best colour scheme and fonts will fail to deliver the message if the alignment of the design is not correct. All the objects like the text, images etc. possess different dimensions which makes it necessary to place them in an orderly manner. The best designers ensure that all the objects used in the design are aligned properly so that the overall presentation looks organized.


The Canada-based coffee shop chain will see an increase in the number of clients if the firm offering graphic design services in Vancouver hired by it employs the above-mentioned best practices to create its campaign.


Maria Dicosta is a Web designer by profession and she works for a leading Vancouver Web Design Company, Canada – FernWeb. She uses to write useful tutorials on Web design and socialize its different social media platforms.

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