6 Key Trends to Watch Out For While Developing a Mobile Application

6 Key Trends to Watch Out For While Developing a Mobile Application

More and more people are switching to using smartphones everyday. About 2.5 billion people today are using mobile phones to get by in their day to day tasks. So, here’s why you shouldn’t be weeding out developing for mobiles just yet. Here are 6 key trends to watch out when developing your next mobile application.

Cloud integration

With the advent of cloud computing, more and more people are choosing to store their information on the cloud rather than letting it stay in the app database, because this allows for integration across devices and allows for you to be able to sign in automatically after you’ve been stationary for a while.

IOT integration

Internet of things enables you to have applications that order pizza for you simply when the time draws near for a reminder that you set up to plan a party on your calendar app because the app feels like it would be a good addition. With the IOT integrated in your application, you will be able to flaunt some serious features on whatever application you are creating.

Hybrid Apps

With a discrepancy prevalent nowadays with how many people use android and ios, it is only smart to create an app for your organization that caters to both platforms, and is able to function on both android phones and iphones. Granted there may be more android users than the Iphone counterparts, but there is something to be said for creating an app that caters to both these demographics.

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise Apps include CRM’s, content management apps and much more to organize your business needs. Nowadays, businesses are switching more to using apps that help them carry out a specific task or business function and so therefor it is important to have one of your own.

Ubiquitous Computing

Also another emerging trend is wearables, and how this technology is growing everyday from google glasses to smart-watches. Consider developing your own wearable technology that steals the market. More and more people are welcoming this emerging new facet of technology, and more people are nowadays sporting gadgets that are able to function as computers.

Virtual agents

Incorporating a chatbot or a virtual agent in your application is going to for sure set it apart from the rest of the crowd. A chatbot is going to make the user experience for your customers more enjoyable and easy to navigate through and will make everyone using your app jump for joy. Interacting with a smart and intellectually stimulating conversation bot is going to increase fascination of whomever is using your app.

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