Technology History- Teaches Us About the Outlook of Our Future

The word technology comes from Greek word (techno logia) where techno means `art, skill’ and logia means `study of’. The use of scientific knowledge for betterment of our life in a skillful way is called Technology. It is the extension of human capability. The technology history helps us to know about the inventions of tools and its different techniques. Through technology history we can also trace and understand the history of human beings. The life of every human is dependent on technologies from the pre historic days. Invention of new technologies is responsible for today’s modern busy material life. These days we will be paralyzed without the modern techniques. Day by day, it is improving with the amalgamation of various ideas from science and art.

The archaic techniques are totally different from the modern days. They are the revised version of earlier ones. During Paleolithic age the tools were restricted amongst few only. They consist of few weapons and clothing technology for their survival. From here tools and techniques flourishes. Warfare equipment’s were discovered during Mesolithic age. In Neolithic age agricultural tools were developed. Several polished stones were fabricated to tools such as flint, jade, greenstone etc. Mining technology was adapted from this idea. The end of Stone Age marks the beginning of The Age of Metals. Bronze and copper was used as the first metal for the up gradation of technologies. This enhances the practice of agriculture and domestication. With the invention of iron, copper and bronze is replaced and tools became stronger, lighter, and cheaper with high longevity.

Technologies marked the spreading of civilizations. Some notable civilizations are The Indus Valley Civilization, The Mesopotamian Civilization, The Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa Civilization. With the flourishing civilizations several tools were made such as seismological detectors, papers, cast iron, iron plough, suspension bridge, fuel, magnetic compass, propeller, crossbow roads etc. During Renaissance the science and art began to extend mutually to give the form of technology. With the invention of printing press there is a huge increase in books, papers, articles and the spread of knowledge. So this can be considered as the technology history.

With the introduction of Industrial Revolution (1750 – 1850) the full-fledged way for new technologies was opened. The essential technologies flourished during this time were textile manufacturing, mining, metallurgy etc. James Watt’s invention of Steam Engine marks the use of transport. This brings motion to human’s life.

The idea of modern days’ technologies is taken basically from the earlier days. The technology history thus can be said to directly proportional with the improvement of human civilization. These days’ life without technologies is unbelievable.

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