Domain Age Checker; How to find the actual age of a website?

SEO is a lot of factors. It is not just limited to content but so much more. How you present that content matters. Your keyword density matters and so does the length of each paragraph. The better vocabulary you choose, the better your chances to rank higher on search engines. The grammar must be flawless. These are factors that are inclined towards the content side. On the other side, there are a few technical factors. These factors include the number and quality of back links to a website. The back links are generated using content but it is a technical factor. Likewise, domain age is one such factor. You can have an easy access to domain age checker tool here:

What is domain?

Each website has an IP address. This IP address stands for internet protocol. Websites are generated on the basis of IP. However, IP is a long complicated number like your mobile number. It is not easy to remember. Imagine if you had to remember the IP address for every website. That would be very difficult. This is why every website is given an alphabetical name. This is called domain.

What is domain age?

Just like the term indicates, domain age is the number of years or months a domain has been active. Domain age matters because it is one of the ranking factors of search engines. It is often asked if domain age matters. We would say that it does matter but not as much. You should not heavily rely on it. It matters more in the early stage but it is the same later on. What this means is that a domain that has been active for less than 3 months might be ranked lower. On the other side, a website that has been active for 9 months and the other 19 months won’t have a lot of ranking difference. The more the domain age, the more search engines can find it trustable to rank a website in its search.

How to check domain age?

You can check domain age by using an online domain age checker. It is available for free on multiple websites. Likewise, it is very easy to use. The domain age checker will ask you to share with it the URL of your website. The domain age checker will do rest of the job for you. It will share with you the domain age in seconds.

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