Biometric identification Is The Choice Of The New Generation

Biometric identification

Biometric identification is largely becoming the face of the new identity verification regimen. Companies might be favoring more conventional means of KYC verification and identity verification but the users seem reluctant to go through lengthy verification processes that take hours, if not days, to complete a single verification. Businesses were feeling the burn of customer dissatisfaction and complaints of snail-paced service. But securing business operations from online frauds and frequent identity theft cases was also crucial for these companies. Biometric identification helped create a balance between the speed of a verification process and accuracy of that process as well.

What is Biometric Identification?

Biometric features of a person are unique for every person whether they are fingerprints, facial markers or retina patterns. Identity verification industry started rolling out solutions where these very biometric features were utilized to ascertain the identities of users. With the introduction of fingerprinter scanners and retinal scanners in smartphones, biometric identification received a vital boost.

Although retinal scans and fingerprint scanning had its benefits, they were limited to mobile-phone users only. Facial verification, on the other hand, was even available for desktop users or customers who didn’t own smartphones with fancy features like fingerprint scanner. So facial verification was the preferred mode of biometric identification for businesses as it required less time, and it really caught up with selfie-obssesd millennials.

Biometric identification

Easier User Authentication

Facial verification created quicker verification services that required the least hassle from end-users. Biometric features were there to authenticate their identity and weed out any claims of wrongdoing. Facial recognition and liveness detection ensured that the person was actually present at the time of verification and no static image was used for verification purposes. Any attempt to doctor facial features is also easily recognizable by facial verification systems.  Shufti Pro is one such product that has the appropriate amount of technology to fight off facial spoof attacks using its superior Artificial Intelligence technology. Using facial recognition, microexpression detection and many other technological advancements in the field of biometric identification, Shufti Pro has developed a full proof facial verification service for its customers.

As an important aspect of its biometric verification services, Shufti Pro integrated facial verification with its various other services to provider broader identity verification to its customers. Its facial verification can work effortlessly with document verification to provide comprehensive identity verification of a customer identity. Coupled in junction with handwritten note verification and this biometric identification will provide biometric consent verification service to Shufti Pro clients.

Businesses that are enthusiastic in attracting young blood into their fold can take help form Shufti Pro’s biometric identification service. With proof of verification available in Shufti Pro back office, each verification status can be audited as well to ensure quality standards. Biometric identity verification is the best method for online fraud prevention and to mitigate business risk lurking on the cyberspace for large companies. Even biometric identification can be used to provide limited access to centralized resources and provide technical support to remote users as well.

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