Top 5 place to download Software Development Icons 

software development icons

Software Development Icons

There is vast number of software Icons available in PNG, SVG, CSS, PDF, and EPS formats, like a font, and in other vector formats. It is designed by a many designer, that is available for download with better qualities and style.

Many of us use a computer, but these icons are seen in the Icon button none of us know completely why, how and what all are there in that. It is said basically to symbolise some sort of operation like windows, Linux, Mac, Apple, settings, install or update software, download, floppy, disc, word file anything of such sort is said in this language. These following sites was used by many top software companies in Chennai for their software development project. Lets check those sites.

1. Iconarchive

Icon archive is one among the best free icon download website. On their website, they have around 500,000 icons that are commercial and non-commercial. It is licensed software that can be downloaded, browsed in category wise manner. Like general search, this site has a search bar and any symbol can be noted.

 2. Icons8 

The specific feature is they provide icon software for clients like windows and Mac OS rather all others provide only for the buyer.  As they can browse, drag, drop and use the software without internet connection. These are available for both free and paid icons. The paid license is available for all. This also has 50,000+ icons in it. Though they are categorized all can be used freely. These are more useful for the mobile app, web developers, and are available in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS formats. These are designed better for both uses.

3. Iconfinder

This has the biggest collections of icons. They have almost millions of icons in it. The site has two best options that are suitable for paid and free users. Thus, it is suitable for all users. They have SVG, PNG and Icon Jar formats available for the users. Their package starts from $19/month and in this, we can download 50 icons in a month. There is another package that is for unlimited users where the unlimited number of icons can be used, downloaded. If you are planning to use free icon jar then they are a little slow and dull. But you can get all the old used icon there.

4. Flaticon

This icon is best for business purposes. They have the best images to download as icons. They have 525,000 icons are available for both individual and free users. There are packs available for use. They are offered for free up to 407,500 icons that can be used for business and personal use. They are found in the SVG or EPS vector, PNG, PSD files and Icon Font format. But adding all others usable for both the free and premium users. This is of use for Mac OS app and ad for free. The premium account is available from $9.99 per month.  They are the high-quality vector icons among all other sites. They have larger groups of icons. They had to refer manual before using the graphics attribution as it is a little different from others .

5. Helexis

They can be saved for later use supports for PNG formats also. These can be saved in catcher as this is the special characteristic of this branch. They can be driven from .ico, .exe, .icl, .dll, .scr, .ocx, .vbx, .dpl, .bpl and other files. They are easy to use with drag and drop format. They can be downloaded at very high-speed than all others. There are also filtering options based on a color other than categories. Does not occupy much space on the hard disk. Only after proper manual reading, you can use this icon.

Perfect place to download Software development icons

Thus, it is very important to select a perfect icon site and also select perfect site for certain purposes. In common these are used for applications and easier communication. Takes less time to load details than long sentences or big words. Since it is specific easy to use in both business and personal sites.


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