How Technology Can Help Give A Boost To Your Marketing Strategy

In last few years, there has been a lot of growth in the marketing realm thanks to technological improvements and advancements coming through. With new technologies showing up, however, it has become even more important for the marketers to match the pace with leading trends and ensure that they’re utilizing marketing channels that help them reach their target audience better.

Whether you are marketing a simple online alarm tool or going to launch a marketing strategy for one of the biggest business and a trendsetting service, here is how technology can help boost your marketing strategies.

Greater Influence Of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

A revolutionary new trend in the marketing world is Augmented Reality which adds up just another layer to our real world. As for virtual reality, it’s been around for some time and it takes people to a different world altogether allowing them to live an utterly new experience which increases their engagement with whatever they experience there.

We have already seen glimpses of how both these technologies can be incorporated into any marketing strategy. In 2018, marketers will be relying more on both these new trends and we’ll have some additional use cases and more brands will be seen experimenting with these. Once they are through the growth phase, they’ll help brands reveal new opportunities to create engagement, awareness and sales assists.

With VR, we can expect new ways of using storytelling in marketing campaigns and it will also offer some new and creative paths to give you a perfect shopping experience. Now, from virtual trips to virtually carved out dressing rooms, you can have infinite ideas to explore.

AR, on the other hand, comes with an even greater potential of helping more brands to engage with the prospects. AR has already been introduced in social media and it has allowed lots of authentic campaigns to blend in some fun filters and virtual experiences while integrating some interesting everyday objects into a whole new world.

When it comes to social media, lots of new ideas are expected over the coming years. Lens Studio has already been introduced by Snapchat to use AR creatively and easily. Facebook Spaces, on the other hand, is aimed at taking users to virtual worlds. For Instagrammers, AR has already been introduced as part of the Stories and soon we’ll have better features for individual users as well as brands that they can take advantage of for marketing purposes.

With more consumers enjoying such immersive experiences today, brands really have a great opportunity to leverage the new technologies and stand out while focusing on the experiential marketing and building authenticity.

Artificial Intelligence And Bots

There are numerous ways in which AI can potentially be included in any marketing strategy. Further personalization is also expected to come and there will be lots of intelligent conversations this year and beyond. Conversational interactions actually make consumers feel much more comfortable and chatbots and digital assistance offer us a quick glimpse of what we can expect in future.

Machine Learning is expected to get mature even more while brands will be building relationships with the target audiences through greater personalization. Despite being cautious initially while interacting with the bots, modern day consumers look very much ready to actually benefit from the interactions of the sort. With the rise of chatbots, ecommerce, customer support and the social conversations would be expected to see a significant change.

It will also help brands develop better relationships with the customers by answering to their queries in real time.

It’s still going to be very important, however, to blend human element somehow into AI as well. All the smart technologies would get better if trained by the marketers. The successful strategies which blend AI with human element should remain genuinely helpful and authentic. Human interaction replacement must not feel too automated and that is why it’s still going to be crucial that these conversational interactions feel more natural.

So, yes, we are going to have an influence of technology in shaping modern day marketing strategies. New avenues will be discovered and marketing will be tailored to meet the needs of a modern day customer while reaching them out exactly where they are.

Srinivas Katam

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