5 Marketing Ideas For Marketing Agencies In 2018

With marketing getting digitized in today’s day and age, more and more marketing agencies are going digital to grab a fair share of the market and give their customers the leads they have been looking for. And, with ever changing market scenario, marketers are always on the lookout for new intuitive ways to capture leads and secure deals for their clients. So, here we have 5 marketing ideas for marketing agencies that they must try in 2018. Let’s check out.

  1. Prioritize The Customer Needs

When your core team is busy with building the web presence and coming up with a product/service, you can easily lose track of your customers who you wanted to target in the first place. As it normally goes, when you have to build a brand online, lots of people usually rush into buying ads and acquiring traffic for forcefully driving revenues. However, making minor efficiency improvements towards your conversion rates, email capturing, and retargeting would pay some really huge dividends. You first need to tighten up your mouse trap and then go on to buy the eyeballs. It will help you retain customers after acquiring them in a more cost-efficient manner. It also makes sure that you have money in the coffers for those high-risk marketing strategies.

  1. Keep Auditing And Updating Your SEO Frequently

Your service or product may be great, but you never know if it’s reaching all your prospects or not. For example, if your clients have a Business Loan Calculator online that gives the most realistic estimates and comparisons, not all the prospects may yet be able to use it just because they don’t know about it or that they are not able to find it through an organic search. With proper SEO, however, marketing agencies can help their clients reach a greater pool of target audience. The experts in the industry often recommend you should update your SEO, at least, once every quarter. Obviously, it’s going to help considering the fact that Google propagates more than 500 updates to its algorithm every year. So, get your SEO right and it will help boost the results.

  1. Use Blogging As A Tool For Lead Generation

Talking about SEO, sharing valuable and relevant content through your social media and websites can help drive more traffic. In fact, it will also help boost your search engine rankings as well for the targeted keywords. Studies show that marketers who use blogging as part of their marketing strategy often experience positive ROI and the companies which rely on blogging tend to generate 67% more leads as compared to others.

Every post that goes on your blog actually gives you a new indexed page of your website and it makes it quite likely for your customers to find you as they search for your targeted keywords online. Besides, it ensures search engines get a feeling that you are working on your website and your website is actively sharing some valuable stuff for the prospects and, as a result, your content starts surfacing to top of the SERPs. In addition, you give a voice to your brand when you start blogging and majority of customers are of the opinion that they prefer to buy from brands that are authentic and not generic.

  1. Host Quality Live Events And Webinars

You can find lots of different resources for digital marketing today that can be used for engaging with the audience. These can include podcasts, webinars, and live events to name a few. For streamlining your event promotion process, you should better try to use third party options so that it all looks seamless. When you get some help with details externally, your focus remains on bigger things and it helps you create the kind of experience your customers expect and can remember for long.

  1. Expand The Email Distribution Efforts And Refine Them Further

Even in 2018, email marketing is still relevant and remains to be one of best options available for reaching out to the audiences. Besides, as it does not cost anything for execution, it is one of those great tools you must have in your marketing arsenal. With email opening rates increasing by 180% on the mobile devices, it’s definitely something you should look into. Email notifications also work better compared to different other mobile notifications and give a higher opening rate to ensure that your prospects get your message. Besides, emails tend to keep the audience engaged across different platforms and that makes sure your brand remains on top of their mind.

So, in an ever-changing marketing scenario, these 5 marketing ideas are among a few of the newest ones around. You, as a marketing agency, should train your staff for these and get them to implement these ideas for generating greater leads and better results.

Srinivas Katam

Do you need help growing your business? Srinivas Katam is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant with over 200 successful SEO and Social Media client engagements completed. I’ve worked with brands across the world as a digital marketing consultant to deliver revenue growth from content-focused inbound marketing campaigns. He is an Innovative Marketer who specializes in digital marketing, specifically in social media, SEO and online strategy.

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