Top 5 Proven Ideas for WhatsApp Marketing

5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Ideas

5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Ideas

In today’s world, digital marketing is one of the major reasons for the success of a business. If you happen to have proven ideas for WhatsApp marketing, then you will surely see success in lesser time. The amount of visibility a company can acquire through online marketing is tremendous and worth investing.Out of all the verticals of online marketing and digital advertisements, WhatsApp marketing is supposedly the choicest medium for marketing products and services due to its extensive reachability among users. But often, few companies fail to gain much profit out of it due to the wrong ways of marketing their products. Hence, a leading mobile advertising company has compiled a list of proven ideas that will help you reach out to almost 1.2 million active users in the best way possible and make valuable clients through that mode.

Create a Customized Persona for WhatsApp Users

While there are millions of active users who utilize WhatsApp to communicate on a daily basis, they mainly use the platform for personal purposes. Hence, in order to market services and products, a business needs to build a personal connect with the user and create an engaging campaign to attract more users. Hence, rather than a brand, people would like to connect and communicate with a brand persona who can understand their issues and suggest the best services with positive benefits.

You may additionally create a fictional character who can add an interesting twist to your brand image. Many businesses have found success with these strategies and have achieved more sales by using WhatsApp mode of marketing.

Utilize the Phone Database to Reach Out to Relevant Customers

You can easily reach out to potential customers via WhatsApp to market your services, but if you happen to connect with people who are not aware of your brand, you might end up losing your brand value if you market extensively through WhatsApp. One of the best ideas for WhatsApp marketing when your brand is still new and you wish to reach out to more customers is by offering them freebies. Once they are aware of the quality you deliver, they will transform into loyal customers and support you in your growth.

You can also share some attractive promo codes during festivals to lure more customers to try your products and increase your customer base.

Engage with Your Customers by Educating Them about Important Things That Will Add Value to Their Lives

When compared to any other medium, WhatsApp has the most engaging rate in terms of acquiring customers. As per recent reports, consumers open messages 70% more than any other medium, which makes it one of the most viable mediums for marketing.

Deliver Fast Customer Support and Resolve their Queries

If your customer uses WhatsApp, then there chances that he or she will open the message you are planning to send. Even the most popular digital marketing company in pune claim that WhatsApp marketing has the ability to solve customers’ unresolved queries, thus creating a happy customer base for your company.

Ensure that whosoever is handling the customer queries and concern is equipped with the correct information to avoid any conflicts and chaos in future. It can help in delivering the correct information to the users.

Consumer Research

Although this happens to be one of the most underrated ideas for WhatsApp marketing, utilizing consumer research can help you in enhancing the user experience to generate more leads and sales based on the data. This medium has not been used much for research purpose because of its user-friendly platform. But, it is easy to collate data and work on the same to create an effective strategy for it. The cost involved is also very less when compared to the other modes, which are normally time-taking when compared to WhatsApp.


Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge of how WhatsApp marketing can help you reshape the policies and strategies to generate more leads and improve the satisfaction level of customers, it won’t be that difficult to utilize the platform and make use of it in the best way possible. Avoid spamming people’s WhatsApp inbox at any cost. Marketing is good, but spamming with promotional offers can lead to blocking of the account. Hence, even if you are using WhatsApp mode of marketing, it is advisable to stick to your brand value and enhance your brand image.

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