The Best Laptop For College Students 2018

best laptop for college students

The laptops replaced the PC rig at a large extent, that said, no PC more. It is quite clear now that everyone needs a laptop if s/he is a working personnel or a student. I am picking up the best laptop for college students this year. I selected Lenovo Yoga 730 for review, as the brand is pretty in on the market and also well know to most of the people using computing technology. If you want to reveal more laptops including gaming and working, you would find the complete guides on leopardots.

This guide will reveal the specifications and features of the Lenovo Yoga 730 and also we tested it for the performance as well. I was wondering after laptops after getting queries from some of you guys asking about which the slimmest laptop for student thas has also the capacity of gaming and productive work in the same chassis.

Best Laptop For College Students 2018

Of course, you would think why I selected the Lenovo Yoga 730 as the best laptop for college students. In fact, during tests, I created some benchmarks to measure the performance and capacities of the laptops selected. And you would be happy to hear that Yoga 730 beaten all the tests and produced incredibly outstanding results.

Lenovo Yoga 730 Review | Best Laptop For the Money

lenovo yoga 730 best laptop for college students

While looking in the one part that is thin and slim, I found the Yoga 730 the slimmest one among some others. You should know that I tested four different brands of laptops to know the worth and make a powerful choice. You should know that this one is crafted for the money guys as it would hurt your bank account due to its expensive price tag. Without any ado lets jump into the review to know the worth of this beautiful beast.

It is the best laptop for college students 2018 is all aspects. Let us explore its worth and why it is for the money. When we know the strength and features it is offering, we would not ask again the question.

The Good

Lenovo Yoga 370 is one of the thinnest and slim laptops in 13.3 inches of screen. The 2-in-1 features of this laptop making it more attractive and gorgeous with multi-setting options. You would be happy to know that it has a built-in 8th generation Intel Core i-series chip as a processor to run the whole system. The dual Thunderbolt type-c three USB ports to give you the option of connecting outbound devices. You would be happy to know the quick charging capacity of this laptop would make you feel free of wasting time charging it all the times. It is also supporting the Amazon Alexa. If you see the features are quite attractive. That is the reason which compelled me to pick it up and review it. In the recent upgrade of this model, you will find the SD card for the extension of external memory with the capacity of 1-TB.

The Bad

Like all other products made by the tech revolution it also has some downsides, I am mentioning here.  The USB ports are allowing you to connect some external hard drive to extend the storage capacity. You should know about the type-c USB port adapters are needed for HDMI and Ethernet connectivity. I am personally not impressed with the battery life as it is the gray area in this make. The company could improve the battery life on it as compared to its predecessor.

Lenovo Yoga Specs

Let us discuss its specs to know why it is standing in the line of rivals who are competing to get the title of the best laptop for college students in 2018.

As I already mentioned that the laptop is offering 8th Intel Core i-series processing chip as a processor and the RAM capacity is 8-GB which means a strong random access memory support. You can easily edit 4k videos and multimedia content on this laptop. The 1920×1080 IPS multi-touch display with 720 HD pixels webcam and fingerprint scanner for security reason are also the worth mentioning features it is offering in a 13.3 inches casing.

The internet connectivity options are also incredible and outstanding as it can support 802.11 ac connection on the LAN and would give you extremely great performance on streaming of online 4k and HD videos and also games. If I say that you can call it the best gaming laptop which the capacity of touch and also rich graphics colors display on the screen.

Some people also call it the best laptop for business as the business guys prefer it due to its thinner and slim body in a 2.61 pounds of weight. The lightweight body is making it ready for travel if you are on a business tour or going to meeting with someone officially. Same was the reason I choose it for college students and the thin body of this laptop can be easily adjusted with the books in a college backpack.


If you are a money guy having a productive nature and computing technology studies as well. Don’t search other laptops around as this one is the real beast in performance and the features it is offering. You would be amazed to experience it in progressive and gaming activities. Yoga 730 is unbeatable in multi-tasking as it has a cruising fast speed to perform the task in micro second with a quick response time.

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