Opinion On Web Development For Newbies

It was really hard to live without a job with some of eth existing challenges and also the future worries. This is the reason I am writing on Web Development and would also explain how to kick off your Online Marketing Campaign in my next post. Thanks to Google and YouTube for sharing the knowledge and skills to everyone. When you are free you never look at useful stuff to do, it is a fact, try it sometimes. But if first, you were able to make focus, and determine yourself with a target to achieve. This would give you the strength to have a startup with some resource mobilization approach.

Web Development

All the things would come in the shape of the idea and finally you would start something might be a failure or waste of time. But remember that was not a waste of time. You experience a failure and now you have better vision and better understanding to do something else in the same field. And this is important to learn from your mistakes as it would help you in launching your online marketing campaign.

I started with a Failure, in fact, I say I experience the failure and started with a new vision in the field of web development. I am an affiliate marketer and after test and researches, I write reviews of the products. I started with site kicked it to the top in two years with affiliate marketing. It made millions for me. Now I started another one with the title technpick and my niche is tech gadgets. I am doing the same stuff on this platform which I did on the previous one. And you would be surprised to hear that my site got standing in only three months of hard work with a limited backlink profile and a strong on-page SEO.

So If someone wants to have a business with some really amazing return without investing a huge money. If you have a small amount, for example, some counted bucks. I can get you a business with idea and opinion in only 100 USD. You can reach us through technpick.com/contact-us/ form.

Opinion On Web Development

Most of you would be familiar with the terms of web development. For those who are hearing this first time, it is a website construction and designs your concept to produce content. There are some steps which would lead to web development. You have to go through these steps to achieve your target to become the owner of a website and after proper implementation of these steps would enable you to launch your online marketing campaign. So both the things Web Development and Online Marketing Campaign are inter-related.

Before going towards step I would suggest you decide your niche. Niche is internet name for the products or services you are dealing with. For more clarity, if someone like me doing affiliate marketing of Tech Gadgets would say my niche is tech gadgets.

Step 1

Domain: Now this depends on your interest of field, but the domain is really important. In fact, it is a foundation to your startup. Domain is simply the name of your website in extension with .com.Co or much more available today in the market. It would simply make your website name as example.com or example.co. My priority is domain extension is .com. Pick up the domain according to your niche after doing a clear research about your niche.

Step 2

Hosting: Now you have a domain and you need a platform for storage and saving your data online. In other words, a server which would connect you to the web and you would have a database.

Step 3

Now you have hosting, a database, and your site is live. Here your real struggle would begin now. You would need to get familiar with tools, plugins, and would do some research for your targeted niche. The first important thing is to learn now SEO. Write SEO in Google search engine and you would find what is SEO. Search Engine Optimization makes your site visible to the people who are searching for the keywords you have a set up on your site. Gather some idea about keywords for this I would suggest Google keyword planner and Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

Now start researching on the niche and write content I would suggest you become an affiliate if you want to grow in financial terms. Plan a campaign to become popular among the web community.

So you’ve finally decided to tackle the long-overdue task of establishing your company’s online presence and kick off your online marketing campaign.

You’ve likely been overwhelmed with instruction manuals, buzzwords like “SEO”, and marketing software with hefty price tags. You ran some analysis on your business and can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing analyst, but you’re way too busy to run an online campaign on your own. You ask yourself, what do I do now?

In my next post I will explain the online marketing campaign to kick off your work to the top.

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