How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Android

Each and every message we get today can be followed. While this is worried for the clients, the way that individuals can pry into their telephones and access touchy instant messages is a significantly greater immediate risk. So how might you ensure your instant messages are sheltered? All things considered, the most secure choice is to erase the message, by and large, therefore expelling any trail from your cell phone. Be that as it may, image a scenario where you need those messages but would prefer not to indicate it to individuals taking care of your telephones. All things considered, that is the place Android apps come into the photo. There is an assortment of apps out there that let you hide your instant messages on Android.

We will discuss five of the best apps accessible on the Play Store right now that will enable you to hide your instant messages from prying eyes. Notwithstanding concealing your words, these apps can likewise hide other touchy information for you inside your telephone, which is a reward. These apps have been accessible for a long while, so it’s conceivable that you may have seen a portion of these at this point. Regardless, make sure to look at them all.

Utilizing Device Settings and Interface

  1. Hit the Settings symbol and go to the applications segment in an Android gadget. All introduced programs (counting concealed applications) can be seen from that point and see with your own eyes if any of them are suspicious.
  2. Take a look on the two route catches of your telephone (back and undertaking catches). Open the menu view and press undertaking catch. You will see a choice that says “demonstrate concealed apps”. Snap this and see what shows up straight away.
  3. Look through unexplained missing information or spaces and sudden ascent in media or information use. Some apps additionally use organising highlights of cell phones yet clear up tracks. Check whether your accomplice’s web history is continuously cleaned up.
  4. Rooted cell phones can be introduced with Titanium Backup or utilize the choice Settings>Apps>All forsee all projects introduced.
  5. Access Settings > General > Restrictions in your iPhone gadget and uncheck the projects that are covered up.
  6. Going through Application Drawer > Home > Settings > Hide Applications in an Android gadget gives you a chance to look through projects you wish to disguise. Rehashing the procedure in turn around request will uncover the records and apps.


On the off chance that the external portable unit does not bolster any of these functionalities, you may need to prudently and rapidly introduce outsider programming. Plan and time your moves exceptionally well. It may be the last and just shot you need to check whether he is utilising his telephone to undermine you.

For example, Hide it Pro in Android gadgets capacities like a good sound chief yet expanding or diminishing the volumes may perform different undertakings, for example, erasing or concealing substance. The blend of catches may likewise enact different capacities that are intended to mask vulgarities and different insider facts.

There are additionally different prompts which propose that he may undermine you, for example, sudden changes in his conduct, he gives off an impression of being stunned when you go close him while he is utilising his gadget, hesitance to loan his telephone and an excessive amount of engagement or connection to his ingenious contraption.

A few applications additionally offer a component that erases, secures or hides substance through mechanical means, for example, shaking of the telephone so look out if he does such thing.

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