How To Use Content Marketing To Drive B2b Sales?

According to the reports given by Content Marketing Institute, 88% of the B2B Marketers trusts content marketing as a highly important marketing strategy for their organization. In the world of B2B sales, long and cumbersome processes like creating leads, providing information, getting to know each other, building trust and forming a healthy relationship are involved in taking a final decision. The most important aspect of this process is the research done by the B2B buyer before making his final purchase. This is where Content Marketing comes into the picture; Content Marketing is the biggest information storehouse required for research and drives B2B sales higher and higher.

B2B buyers look for specific information which an effective content marketing strategy provides and fetch you more customers. An effective marketing content should include:

  • Real solutions for the complex problems with detail description
  • A well-planned and detailed Rate on Investment analysis information
  • All the specific product related details demanded by the researcher
  • Highly Informative content in less time, money, energy and effort.

Here is a quick guide stating ways to use effective content marketing strategies to drive B2B sales.

  1. In-depth research is an ideal factor- It is highly essential to carry out an extensive market research in order to create a buyer persona. The buyer persona includes demographics, roles, goals, challenges and a user story. Make an effective and well-tailored content along with your marketing team depending on the business in order to generate better quality sales leads.
  1. Create Industry-Specific Content- According to the demand gen report, 96% of B2B buyers opt for the content which is more based on industry thought leaders. It is important to use the data from the market research to brainstorm content ideas which will attract target audience better. Even the statistic says that B2B using blog post generate 67%more sales lead than other non-users in the market also 83% B2B marketers have already incorporate content marketing to achieve lead generation goals. One can achieve this by generating an effective B2B content marketing strategy by encouraging both the sales and marketing team to give client interaction based ideas.
  1. Good hold over Call to Actions- A good piece of content have a clear call to action options making the content user-friendly in nature. There are many factors required to focus on the call to action buttons such as-
  • Content– Keep a check on the keywords, actionable words and an active voice used.
  • Goal– Do you prefer your website users to subscribe to your email newsletters, request a quote, speak to your sales officials or share content on their social media platforms?
  • Length-The length and the presentation of the content should be kept in mind is it concise, to the point, does it meet the requirement or not?
  • Format– The format of the content also plays a crucial role. The content can be presented in text, image, video format or all of the above.
  • Placement– The placement of the CTA is also essential. Is it placed in the middle, beginning or at the end of the page? Can the web-visitors easily locate it on the social media pages, blogs, newsletters and landing pages? These points should be kept in mind.
  1. Form a landing page that converts- According to statistics, 77% of B2B buyers conduct their own research before they choose to consult a sales executive. Therefore create landing pages which are the first point of contact for many B2B prospects. It is advisable to opt for landing pages in order to lower the bounce rate and get the website visitors interested in the services by designing the landing page according to customer requirements.
  1. Quality specific content- It is highly important to provide the content which is of use to the customers a ten-page story would be of no use if it doesn’t provide anything of concrete importance. One should focus on providing high-quality content, pack it and present the content in a neat and proper way in a form of eBook or in a form of succinct case study. In the world where nothing comes for free, it is time to discuss gated content. Gated content is the place on the website which asks the web visitors to leave in their details to see or download the selected content. The important factor behind the gated content is the question of interest and intent. As users who are interested in the eBook, white paper or case study provided by your firm will not leave their details behind as they have no intention to buy the product offered by your website.
  1. Use Video Email Marketing Content– It is widely known that videos are in the elite circle of online content. Visual understanding is more appealing rather than textual understanding. Videos are much interesting in nature and are less time-consuming in nature. Videos have 96% higher click-through rates than all-text emails. Also, email marketing is one of the highly effective ways to gain leads. The use of videos in email marketing campaigns is one of the cheapest and the best way to enhance boost engagement and strengthen leads.
  1. Opt for content diversification- According to the latest statistics, 80% of purchasing decisions in the B2B industry is based on the client experience. Hence it is important to diversify your client experience by expanding the message beyond your own platform to a variety of platforms. Try to redirect your industry accomplishments to novel platforms never used before. This technique is a form of experimenting with a new format of marketing.

It doesn’t matter which technique is opted by you from the list of techniques mentioned above, but it is important to ensure that the chosen techniques provide a consistent brand message for your target audience. It is high time to sit with your marketing team and create effective content marketing strategies in order to drive your company sales.

Srinivas Katam

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