Artificial Intelligence: The future of technology

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence much known as machine intelligence is future technology.  Intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence portrayed by humans. It is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think like humans. Intelligence shown by a machine and that is not natural is said to be artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has an extensive variety of advancement for example rule-based and logical systems that empower robots and computers to tackle issues. Artificial Intelligence is getting quicker than ever before. The word artificial intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 at Dartmouth College.  It has the ability to write programs by itself if it encounters a difficult circumstance. If it encounters a mistake, it can store it in memory and not make the same mistake again in future.

Artificial Intelligence in various areas:

There are variations where this intelligence is used such as artificial intelligence in the telecom industry, this industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is already using artificial industry to enhance their customer service.  The artificial intelligence trained system will provide more services like self-driving cars, self-piloted planes, etc. Complicated tasks like weather prediction, stock trading can also be done by these computers. The effectiveness of artificial intelligence is unimaginable. In marketing and business data is the most important raw material for the transformation of the economy to a digital economy. It can be deployed for data mining and processing of big data in minutes. Artificial intelligence can be deployed in the detection of fraud by data analysis of several fraudulent behaviors. It can trace out links and possible direction in which fraud is most likely to take from the application. Companies are constantly seeking ways to manage data and recover them or get them speedily.

For many companies and organization even government, decision making is a very vital role to play. A single error can cost a lot or even ruin things for them. As business begins to plan their improvement in growth it has become a thing to introduce different measures to achieve their goal and artificial intelligence has come to be that very important thing for them to transform the face of business and growth.

A great role that it plays:

  • Artificial intelligence plays a great role in gaming like AlphaGo, F.E.A.R, Halo: combat evolved, etc. These are few go the games that use automation. The machine can think of all possible ways of steps to be taken.
  • It is also used in speech recognition, it transcribes and transforms human speech into an automated format for computers.
  • It is used for educational purposes for students with personalized tuitions and analyses students study patterns so that they can predict where they would get stuck. This intelligence is more beneficial for the special children who have a learning
  • For security everywhere national to the individual
  • For hospitals, for computer-aided interpretation of medical images, heart sound analyses, etc.
  • It also performs services like difficult surgeries, rescue during a disaster, bomb detection, etc.

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