Different Types of E-commerce Platforms Trending in 2018

E-commerce Platforms

In this modern world, we have plenty of e-commerce retailers, I.e., e-retailers for purchasing various things online. Many e-commerce giants sell all kinds of items that you may want to buy from big shopping malls. You can get all of the desired items delivered at your doorstep from the e-Commerce store. The use and need of e-commerce platform have been increasing.

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There are many types of e-commerce platforms available in the market. If you are eager to understand more about the e-commerce industry, then you will get all the information about it from here. You can easily categorize the types of e-commerce platforms depending upon their products and services they offer. According to the parties involved, there are six types of e-commerce platforms trending in the year 2018.

  • Business to Business  

Business to Business e-commerce platform is also known as B2B. This platform handles all the transactions made by the companies for goods and services. Traditional wholesalers and producers of different products work with this business model in the e-commerce industry. People who want to purchase products in huge quantities, prefer to go with this B2B Model.  

  • Business to Consumer

This is currently the most popular and highly recommended e-Commerce Platform. If you choose a reliable SEO Company for your e-Commerce store, then you must be aware of this type of model. This model works for the final consumers. If you want to purchase something online, you can visit the store and buy the item. B2C Model is getting more popular day by day.

In general, the B2C Model takes care of all the consumers who are purchasing different types of products from the stores. Many virtual stores are using the same platform for selling their own products.  

  • Consumer to Consumer  

Consumer to Consumer Business Model handles all types of electronic transactions between the consumers. Most C2C models conduct by third parties. You can seek help from different agencies who can control and manage the C2C Business Model.  

  • Consumer to Business

This is an entirely different business model than the traditional e-Commerce services. Instead of selling or trading new products, you can only exchange them with other retailers using this type of e-Commerce platform. Consumer to Business is also growing rapidly, and many people get benefits from this type of E-Commerce Business Model.  

  1. Business to Administration  

This type of model handles all the transactions between the companies and public administrations. The platform runs online, and this Business Model handles all the sales made online using the platform. This business handles a variety of services and stores. In the modern world, many countries have adopted this model for their governmental services.  

We have all kinds of services online offered by the Governments. Most offers and services of the Governments have their own personal websites where they can collect the funds from the consumers and can provide them with the receipt. You can pay all types of bills online with a confirmation receipt. The need for this type of e-Commerce Business Model is increasing.  

  • Consumer to Administration  

This Business Model of e-commerce platform handles online transactions between the consumers and public administrations, I.e., Government. You can simply make online purchases for paying your electricity bills, taxes to the government, health insurance and much more.  

Besides this, many e-commerce platforms are selling their services using this Business Model. They can simply put all the information on their front page to attract the consumers. They can opt for services by paying online to the providers.  

Business to Administration and Consumer to Administration Business Models are there to serve the citizens of the countries, like most Government services and offers use these Business Models. Consumers can easily communicate with the administrations and can get the right information about the services.

Moreover, customers can also get online support for using different types of services on the e-Commerce Business Models. These Platforms are currently trending in the e-Commerce industry. In the future, we would get to see a few more platforms with different types of services.  

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