Top 5 Benefits of using one Drive

Top 5 Benefits of using one Drive

If you are weaving your thoughts for switch on to Microsoft one drive then this is very sure that you will have some solid ideas and reasons behind it. In case you are not mindful about it then go through the following points enlisted below regarding the benefits of using one drive. Those who are getting some common issues while using one drive then dialling outlook support phone number can help you out in these circumstances.

Top 5 Benefits of using one Drive


1. Grab 15 GB Storage without paying money

The first and foremost thing that could be considered as marvellous about the Microsoft one drive is its free storage idea of 15 GB that is given to the users. So if you have started taking this benefit of storing your data it can give you a great experience of storage.


2. Can Store all types of data

There is no restriction or bar set on the types of data that will be stored in Microsoft one drive storage. From music, photos, media and all other types of data could be managed on the Microsoft one drive by the user which is an icing on the cake for the people.


3. High Security of data

The next benefit that could be reaped from the one drive is the high security to your data that is stored in the storage of Microsoft one drive. Here nobody can have the access to your data except you and thus the control and access rights for your data are vested in you only when using Microsoft one drive for the storage purpose.


4. Easy to Access

The data that is stored on the one drive can be organized and accessed in a very simple way by the users. You can have the access to your data anytime and even a layman can use the one drive space for the storage purpose. This is another benefit of giving preference to the use of the Microsoft one drive storage for the users.


5. Can be used without Internet

You do not have to get worries for the access of your data that is stored on Microsoft one drive in case the internet connection is not there. This is because users are allows to open their files on offline mode as well. This is the feature which is appreciated by most of the users who are involved in the use of the Microsoft one drive storage for storing their lot of data.


So if you are also in a mindset to start using the Microsoft one drive storage then, this decision can be taken immediately as there is no fault or cons in using this storage for security perspective as well as financial aspects for some users. More it is easy to access without having an internet connection on your device which is a special feature introduced for the people who fail to get access to important files in emergency when internet connection do not work properly.

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