Domain authority checker & page authority checker: similarities and differences

Moz developed DA (domain authority) that is a ranking score in search engines. The score predicts the rank of your website on the result pages of search engine. The score may range between 1 and 100. Multiple factors are involved in the calculation of domain authority. These factors include total links and linking root domains in a DA score.

You will need this score to compare websites or track the strength of a site. MozBar is a free extension of view DA of a website. A site with several external links of high-quality, such as or Wikipedia stays at the top end of DA scale. The websites and small businesses with some inbound links can have low DA score. New sites may start with a DA score.

Domain Authority can be a predictor of the ranking ability of a site. You may not opt for a high DA score. Considering the domain authority scores for sites, you are directly contending within the result pages of search engine. You may aim to have a better score than competitors. It is used as a proportional metric instead of an absolute score.

Importance of the domain authority

Every single SEO and also a lot of webmasters use that phrase. However, it essentially means how much your website is very likely to rank high in search engines in comparison to rival websites. Therefore, it mostly is a relative metric rather than a different one.

Is domain authority something you can alter, or can it be unalterable and immovable? I’m convinced that there are sensible things you can do to enhance this significant number.

Some Truth about Domain Authority

First off, allow me to discuss some important facts about DA. This information will help you understand Precisely How you can move your DA up:

Domain authority relies on lots of variables. Mostly, however, all these are connection profile variables like the number of backward links are pointing to a site and how authoritative those websites are.

Page Authority (PA)

Page authority checker is another tool by Moz. This score is developed to predict the rank of a particular page on result pages of search engine. Just like domain authority, this score may range between 1 and 100. High scores correspond to a better ranking ability.

PA is based on data from web index and considers dozens of elements. Similar to domain authority, it needs machine-learning models to recognize the best algorithm for better correlation with rankings. Page Authority (PA) scores are based on particular calculations.

Moz has a logarithm scale of 100 points. It is easy to increase your score from 20 – 30 instead of 70 – 80. They consistently update the algorithm for the calculation of page authority. It is a comparative metric instead of a concrete score. It helps you to figure out pages with essential and authoritative links.


Domain Authority Checker vs. Page Authority Checker

Prepostseo DA PA Checker allows you to measure the ranking power of subdomains or whole domains. On the other hand, page authority checker enables you to measure the predictive strength of each page.

Similar to domain authority, PA (page authority) is complicated to influence directly. It is difficult to change this holistic score. A collection of metrics may have a particular impact on a score. The multi-factorial reliance is deliberate because Google considers several factors while ranking pages.

You can influence a PA by improving a link profile. This task can be easy with the help of external links from high-authority pages.

On the other hand, it is complicated to influence domain authority because of link data and aggregate metrics. These factors can affect an authority score. You can improve domain authority by working on overall SEO. It is essential to pay attention to link profile by obtaining maximum links from well-linked pages.

To understand domain and page authority fluctuations, it is essential to realize that there is no vacuum for these metrics. They may depend on several negative and positive factors, such as a site has to improve its search engine optimization. The authority score may not reflect it.

Final Verdict

Page authority and domain authority work similarly. They are scaled on a system of 100 points after every update. Recalculations show that an authority score of a site or page must go down even if a website or page has improved their quality and quantity. It is essential to understand that authority score is of comparative nature instead of absolute metrics.

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