A comprehensive guide to Domain Authority Checkers

This write up introduces the reader to the world of domain checkers while digging deep into the very basics. From the URL to checkers enjoy this roller coaster ride while relishing the basics.

What is a Website?

A website, which is also called as web presence, is a collection of hypertext documents also known as web pages which are interlinked as one unit. All these web pages most likely share the same domain name and are easily accessible publicly. There are many types of websites and when collected together they form the World Wide Web. Websites are used for educational, entertainment, advertisement and business purposes.


It is a social norm monitoring company, formerly known as SEOMOZ. It developed domain authority checking trend. It was created by Rand Fishkin in 2004. Moz created its open alternative metric to Google Page rank known as Mozrank. Now Mozrank and Moztrust are most crucial parts for domain checking. Moz facilitates manufactures for the establishment, creation, and promotion of their own works. Moz after outdating Google Page Ranks has become itself the backbone of domain authority checking. To check domain authority MOZ is acceptable ideally and universally.

What is a Domain?

The domain is another name for Internet Protocol resource. IP or Internet Protocol is the address of a device mostly in numerical form unrecognized by humans but easily understandable by machines. It also represents a device or a website or some other service provided and communicated via the Internet. A group of devices having a common part of IP is also called domain

Domain authority

Domain authority is developed by Moz and is defined as a ranking score which exhibits how a domain will rank on SERPs. It varies from 1 to 100. Domain scoring higher will be more highly ranked.  A variety of factors are evaluated while ranking a domain for example number of links contained in one DA etc. There is a logarithmic scale comprising of 100 points. Higher domain authority results in heavier web traffic.

Every site starts from a domain authority scale of 1. Those having many inbound links of Wikipedia and Google are ranked higher than other domains.

Page authority checker

There is a huge difference between a domain authority checker and page authority checker. Page authority checker checks the ranking of individual web pages and not the complete website.

Factors affecting website authority checking

Following three factors affect the domain authority highly:

  1. Popularity
  2. Size
  3. Age

Ways to improve domain authority

Some of the most trusted and workable ways of escalating domain authority are as follows:

  • User friendly interface

User friendly interface must be designed so that people easily interact and refer to the website more often and have a good experience. This will increase the web traffic and resultantly the ranking.

  • Quick loading speed

Manufacturers must design pages which are faster in loading, consume less time and readily available when requested.

  • Promotion

Promoting your domain through social media is a very productive step which attracts new users.

  • Great Content

Key to success of da is quality work published there as it will impress the comer. It must be interesting and binding to the topic. This will compel the users to crave for more, the better you create content the more users it will attract.

  • Toxic links

All the unwanted links should be removed as it seriously threatens the hamper behaviour of a citizen, Adding unnecessary links is very harmful for the quality of the content.

  • Optimizing SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for maintaining a good response. Site structure must be attention capturing.

  • Interesting domain name

Make domain name catchy and easily accessible. So that it is easily remembered and accessed. It must be according to the topic.

Making the domain name interesting will amount the huge web traffic.

  • Adding useful links

Adding more and more important links is always worth it. People search content through links so host a collection of well-connected links which provide a good user experience as well. Website authority checker always produces good results for a site comprising of useful links.

  • Engage users

Good manufacturers know how to engage their users and develop a client-friendly relation. Employ all the positive tips to keep the users engaged.

  • Search engine friendly

The domain is mostly made in a way that it becomes the most searched and accessed. Site structure plays a vital role to escalate the ranking of the website.

  • Use MozTrust

It is always necessary to examine what you post on the website. Links which are external must be checked through MozTrust. Such sites are appreciated in value by da checkers.

  • MozRank

Mozrank is considered to be the metric which checks the quality of external links. As quality matters more than quantity, one good link is better than two low-quality links.

  • Linking Root domains

It is always helpful to earn some links from other websites. These new links when added in the previous ones further improve the domain authority.

DA Checker

It is a statistical tool which is used to calculate the domain authority of a website. It is an online tool which ranks the domains according to their popularity on search engines.

Domain authority checking

To check domain authority use an online checker and get instant results. Multiple factors are considered while checking domain authority created by Moz. In an online da checking tool, you will have to provide the URL of the website you want to know about and that is all. The checker will do its work and will provide the answer within microseconds.

Benefits of good domain authority

Having an impressive domain authority is very beneficial as:

  • Brings in more web traffic.
  • Paves way for successful, dream life by improving the business
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Home of very interesting

Bulk domain authority checker

As the name suggests bulk authority checker is an online domain authority checking tool which checks domain authority of many websites in one go. For example, it can produce checking results of 200 websites consecutively.

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