Recording Screen on Mac – The Easiest Way

Didn’t you ever feel the urge of recording something which is happening on your Mac screen while watching a video, typing something, playing games or scrolling through pictures!

Recording Screen on Mac
Recording Screen on Mac

Your main aim might be to keep a record of some strange behaviour such as an app malfunctioning or teaching someone how to proceed with an app usage.

LiceCap is a simple screen capturing tool which saves your screen recordings automatically as an animated GIF. The functioning of this extremely simple app is bound to be familiar with people who have used the screen recording feature of QuickTime previously.

LiceCap was developed by Cockos Incorporated and aids in recording a particular area or segment of your computer screen which is there after saved in LCF or GIF format. This native application can pave the way for high quality output both in terms of GIF and its exclusive file format of LCF. The latter one comes with superior animation quality and higher compression ratio when compared to GIF. Coupled with such dynamics, LiceCap can serve as the ideal application for developing effective GIFs which are low on file-size and high in quality. This free software is accompanied by a source code along with every single download package.

Advantages Of Using LiceCap

  • Can record your screen instantly and save the result in either LCF or GIF format.
  • Easy to use interface which can suffice even amateurs.
  • Animated GIFs can be pre-formatted by adding title screen and much more.
  • GIFs can be formatted in such a manner so that it does not repeat like an endless loop.
  • Preferred frame rate can be set although a high one will increase the GIF file size.
  • It provides hotkey support for pausing your screen recording by pressing the CTRL + ALT + P keys which can be pressed once again to un-pause the recording.
  • The screen potion which you wish to record can be specified by simply dragging the LiceCap window in accordance with your desired height and width.

This software is perfect for users who do tutorials and reviews frequently. It is also perfect for documenting events in a detailed format or taking screen recordings of online achievements or gaming milestones for being shared with your friends’ circle.

This portable program devoid of any complex commands or controls can be used in any laptop or computer. You just need to adjust the recording window in accordance with your preferred size for being placed atop the screen area which you wish to capture as an animated GIF. Next you will have to click on the “record” button and specify the location where you wish to save the file. The title frame and playback properties of the GIF can also be set after which the files have to be saved to proceed with automatic screen activity recording. The recording can also be paused or stopped once you are done with the same.

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