Introducing Workplace by Facebook

Many people on world use Facebook to connect with family, friends, games and other Business apps. However Mark Zuckerberg and company actually want all those people to use the social network for office chatter, too

The organization formally released Facebook Workplace, a service designed especially for business communication. It first unveiled the service—initially called Facebook for Work—eighteen months ago, testing it with many businesses. Now, Workplace is accessible to any organization that wants it.

Facebook Unveils ‘Workplace’ To Take On Slack, Yammer (now part of Microsoft), Chatter from Salesforce, Hipchat and Jive, among many others. Facebook called “Workplace“ to support chat and collaboration within businesses. More than 1,000 organizations currently use the tool.

Workplace — which is launching as a desktop and mobile app with News Feed, Groups both for your own company and with others, Chat direct messaging, Live video, Reactions, translation features, and video and audio calling — is now opening up to anyone to use, and the operative word here is “anyone”.


Facebook will charge a monthly subscription fee to businesses that use the service—the first time it will make revenue through fees instead of ads.

Facebook charges $3 a head for a business’s first thousand monthly active users, $2 each for 1,001 to 10,000 users, and just $1 each for over 10,000 users. By comparison, Slack costs $6.67 or $12.50 per monthly user for its paid plans. But Zuckerberg and company aren’t necessarily trying to freeze out the competition. It’s partnering with Box and Microsoft in an effort to integrate with other business services. A third partner, the consulting shop Deloitte, will also help businesses set up and use the new service.

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