Article Writing Format and Tips

Hello everyone the topic that we are going to discuss today is article writing.

What is an article?

An article is a piece of writing which we usually find printed in magazines or newspapers.

Format of article writing/Format for article writing


Article Writing Tips

Tips to write an effective article

Tip 1: Heading:

  • First letter of every word should be capital.
  • Eye catching headline
  • Should give a crisp idea of the theme

Tip2: By line

  • Essential
  • Name of the writer
  • News paper – Date, Place

Tip3: Introductory paragraph (Opening of an article)

  • Catch attention
  • Clear & Precise Language
  • Planned
  • you can divide your paragraphs into sub headings to clarify structure.
  • Give clear information
  • Keep writing interesting – vary sentence structure and vocabulary

Tip 4: Develop the content

  • use facts
  • use examples
  • logical agreement

Tip 5: Compare and contrast technique

Giving points of views or examples to justify your view point.

Tip6: Conclusion

  • Summering up your views
  • Offer suggestions/solutions

Tip7:Don’t be too descriptive about irrelevant

Tip8: Follow the format and also word limit (if given)


  • the format of an article is quite straightforward.
  • An article usually needs a main heading that makes it clear to the reader straight away what your article is about.
  • Always use paragraphs! they will give structure to your article.
  • if necessary write in columns, like they do in real newspaper articles. i think it gets you extra marks.
  • you can use subheadings to break up writing into clear sections.


C:Collect your ideas

O:Organise them

D:Draft (first draft)


R:Revise it

Recipe Articles


  • Describe the dish/information


  • ingredients and portions
  • photos
  • precise cooking
  • instructions & tips

Conclusion: Tips

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