How To Create A Perfect Content Marketing Plan In One Minute

Start your stopwatch because you’re about to learn to create a content marketing plan in One Minute or less by filling in the blanks in this sentence…


On [DATE], [WRITER] will publish a [POST TYPE] using [VEHICLE] about [CATEGORY].

There are 5 elements you need to include in an effective content marketing plan…

1- Date

2- Author

3- Post Type (How-To Post, List Post, etc)

4- Vehicle (text, video, audio, image)

5- Category (The broad topic of the post)

The key to a healthy blog is to mix up the POST TYPE, VEHICLE, CATEGORY and even the WRITER to create a rich and interesting collection of content.


The key to One Minute content planning is to define the broad characteristics of your upcoming content (Publish Date, Writer, Post Type, Vehicle and Category) without getting bogged down with things like…

  • Blog post headlines
  • SEO from Content Marketing
  • Offers and upsells
  • Some “perfect” blog post formatting secret

You can add columns to the Blog Content Planner like Headline, SEO Keyword and Call-To-Action (to specify the offer in your content) after you have developed your plan. For now, focus on creating a basic plan.

Do yourself and your blog a favor. Take One Minute and fill in the blanks in this sentence…

On [DATE], [WRITER] will publish a [TYPE] post using [VEHICLE] about [CATEGORY].

The One Minute Content Marketing Plan [EXCEL TEMPLATE]

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