Top 50 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

If you’re under pressure to find new ways to increase your Page and get more Facebook page likes for your branding page, you’ll want to keep reading. This post will help you to go through 50 quick and easy ways to start getting more Facebook likes today!

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  1. Use established content: PostPlanner is an extraordinary tool for finding images that have already established to be wildly popular on Facebook.
  2. Make sure your About section is complete: Include keywords people may be searching for.
  3. Use Facebook page Insights to see what types of posts your viewers likes…and post more of them!
  4. Share breaking news: Your followers will likely want to share important news with their friends.
  5. Insert a Facebook Like Box on your website or blog.
  6. Tag another business Page in your post: They may just return the favor!
  7. Post regularly: The more often you post, the more chances you have to grow up your community!
  8. Include like buttons on your website or blog (TIP: Offer a discount for liking your Page).
  9. Host an event at a specific time every day/week. For example, I host a Fan Page Friday that gets a lot of engagement and shares.
  10. Post a variety of original content: Share your own thoughts and tips; don’t just re-share other people’s content.
  11. Share your Facebook Page with your other social sites Twitter or Instagram followers.
  12. Hold a contest…it’s a best way to get more visibility as every person loves to win!
  13. Cross-promote with a business in a kind niche.
  14. Talk about a Facebook conversation on your blog to attract your website visitors to like your facebbok Page.
  15. Invite your friends and email list to like your facebook Page.
  16. Offer occasional discounts or coupons to everyone who likes your Page.
  17. Add a call to action at the conclusion of your blog posts asking readers to connect with you on Facebook.
  18. Insert a Facebook Badge onto your website or blog.
  19. Ask your Facebook followers to place their pictures to your Page: these will show up in their friends’ feeds.
  20. Leave useful comments on other Page’s posts. Be sure to comment as your Page (not from your personal profile).
  21. Include your Facebook Page URL on your business cards.
  22. Put down insightful comments on blogs in your industry: When asked for your URL, use your Facebook Page address.
  23. Use a watermark or brand logo on all your images: When creating images to distribute on Facebook, make sure to incorporate watermarks with your Page name or URL.
  24. Create a photo contest: Ask your followers to post pictures to your Page and then ask their friends to vote for their photo (suggest liking your Page, of course!).
  25. Invite your Facebook personal profile friends to like your business page.
  26. Include your Facebook Page URL in your email signature.
  27. Link to your Facebook Page in the bio of your guest posts.
  28. Run a Facebook ad campaign and set your goal as Page likes.
  29. Be human: Let your personality shine in order to show there’s a real person behind your brand. People want to connect with other people, not faceless brands and logos.
  30. Focus on posting content that’s NOT 100% promotional: Most of your content should be useful, entertaining or inspiring, as this is the type of content that your fans will find most valuable and will be more likely to share.
  31. Follow other Pages in your niche to see how they are getting more fans: Facebook Insights allows you to watch Pages in your industry. Simply go to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section of Insights, and add your competitors Pages. Keep an eye on which ones are growing the fastest, and try out their strategies for your page!
  32. Use eye-catching profile and cover photos: Using professional-quality photos that convey what your brand is about will increase the chances of a passerby actually liking your Page!
  33. Invite your email contacts to like your Page.
  34. Link to your Facebook Page as your place of employment in your personal profile’s ‘About’ section.
  35. Create your own infographics to share on Facebook: These are great for getting shares! Piktochart is a great tool for this.
  36. Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook Page: Here’s how to do it. You can also connect your Intstagram account!
  37. Set up Facebook commenting on your WordPress site using a plugin like Facebook Comments.
  38. Link to your Facebook Page from your LinkedIn profile.
  39. Include a call to action to like your Page on your product purchase thank you page.
  40. Tag your fans in your posts: They’ll be more likely to share posts where they’ve been mentioned.
  41. Suggest liking your Page for those attending your next free webinar. You can even post a poll or specific content around the theme of the webinar to encourage them to visit and like the page.
  42. ‘Boost’ a popular post and set targeting to ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ or ‘People you choose through targeting’ to extend your reach.
  43. If you haven’t already, make sure your Page URL contains your business name and/or keywords people will be searching for.
  44. Promote your Facebook Page on marketing materials handed out at offline events like tradeshows or conferences.
  45. Occasionally tag your Facebook Page in your personal posts.
  46. Add a QR code to your business card that directs people to your Facebook Page. Yes, there are some who still use QR codes :-)!
  47. Focus on industry: focus more on building and serving your industry and your Page will exponentially grow simply because people will want to share it!
  48. Share creative videos with your followers: Videos on Facebook have never been bigger, and are great for getting shares.
  49. Create a fun timeline cover that encourages visitors to like your Page.
  50. Lastly….Make sure your content is accurate for your listeners. If you’re using every single one of the 49 strategies above, but aren’t posting amazing content your followers love, all your efforts will fall flat.

What are your most excellent tips for receiving more Facebook likes? Share below!

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